In some cases it is necessary to manage different values for the same material in SAP  in order to reduce the stock value on a company’s Balance Sheet by splitting the the valuation for new products from used and unserviceable products that are waiting for refurbishment. Doing this also allows a better traceability of the costs and better visibility and availability of high tech or expensive equipment.

Soltius consultant Mehdi Aissaoui has extensive experience using valuation types in SAP and he has authored a white paper to help SAP customers take advantage of this functionality. Mehdi is a Senior Consultant whose key experience is in the areas of SD – Sales and Distribution; MRO – Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul; SCM – Supply Chain Management.

Mehdi has been involved in many full cycle projects in the Aerospace industry. His white paper discusses the benefits of managing different values in SAP with valuation types and shares a case study to show how it is sometimes used in the airlines industry.

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