Many people think of SAP as only for very large companies. Yet more than half of SAP’s 200,000 customers worldwide are SMEs. With their new cloud business software, SAP Business ByDesign, companies can now run their entire business on a single, integrated platform.

“The benefits of Cloud ERP are increasingly being recognised,” says Shay Lambert, cloud service line manager for Soltius NZ. “Especially for growing companies who want to focus on their business and not on their IT. In response, all of the well-established enterprise software vendors now claim to have cloud ERP offerings.

“Generally these are their traditional ERP solutions in a hosted environment, often with an annual payment option for the licensing. True cloud Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) ERPs tend to be offered by newer, niche players.

“When weighing up their options, businesses may face a trade-off, between the security of a well-established vendor and a heavily customisable solution, versus the affordability, and flexibility of a SaaS equivalent.”

He says SAP Business ByDesign is a true SaaS solution, but it doesn’t require the same level of trade-off. “It was created to be quick to deploy – 12 to 16 week implementations are typical, compared to six months or more for the traditional SAP ERP. And it’s simple to adopt, as all SaaS applications should be. It also requires no IT infrastructure and is simple-to-use, having been built from the ground up to run in the cloud.

“We see it as an affordable option for growing businesses who need to be able to scale up their operations without being held back by their business systems,” Lambert says.

“Supply Chain Management, Material Requirements Planning (MRP), project management functionality and a CRM module, which covers the entire sales and marketing process, are available, out-of-the-box, as part of the standard solution.

“Although the package uses predefined, end-to-end processes, the system can be adapted to customers, for example, with multi-step approval workflows, as a simple configuration exercise, rather than a software development. Where more significant modifications are required, Soltius, as an approved partner, has the capability to extend the package to meet customers’ specific needs, by including entire new modules, as add-ons.

As published in NZ Business Magazine – October 2015 Issue, as part of a Cloud Accounting Solutions feature (by Kevin Kevany). To access the full article, click here.