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We might be at the bottom of the world with funny accents, but you'll never come across a better place to make your new home.

Here at Zag we bring the best of NZ's features to life. We offer wonderful benefits to keep you and your family safe and well. We have offices in different cities and climates and projects all over the country so you can experience different parts of New Zealand. 

We value up-skilling and education; all of our staff have development plans and paid training, both soft skills and technical. We take your safety seriously and have robust (but not overbearing) Health and Safety processes. We have modern offices with different workspaces to suit. And our greatest assets of all are our people and culture.

We actively work on our culture every day. We listen and respond to our people even if the answer is not a 'yes' every time. We keep ahead of the game and are at the leading edge of technology change and take our customers on the journey with us.


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Four of Zag's international recruits share their experiences of moving to New Zealand and how Zag supported them in their journey. 


Four of Zag's international recruits share their experiences of New Zealand's culture.

Why you'll never regret moving to New Zealand

Enjoy a relaxed lifestyle in NZ


Want to "take your foot off the gas a little" (slow down) and find more balance? We Kiwis work hard but it's also a rite of passage to head to the beach, get out on the local walking trails, explore our mountains and lakes or spend time in the garden. Lifestyle is a major factor for those looking for somewhere to call home and NZ consistently ranks high in quality-of-life surveys. Imagine a land the size of the UK or Japan with all the facilities of an advanced Western economy but a fraction of the number of people.

Less pressure on space and natural resources means we don't have the pollution, congestion and health issues that you often find elsewhere. 

It's one of the reasons New Zealand is one of the top three countries expats hoping to improve their well-being are most likely to relocate to. Our easy-going ways, uncrowded communities, relatively low crime rates and compact workplaces all mean life's generally less stressed here. 

Bonus: There are no dangerous animals or insects that can harm you, unlike our down-under brother Australia. 


New Zealand is a true melting pot of cultures, but you will find kiwis are some of the most down-to-earth people you will meet. We are modest and admire those who are humble and authentic. We have a sense of individualism but work, live and value wider communities. We look after each other and don't stand for anything that threatens our country, safety and general way of life. We have been known to shy away from individual recognition, but we are willing to take pride in our collective wins and successes. 

Kiwis are "movers and shakers" (we like to give things a go), we get things done and if there is no obvious way, we will make one or find one of our own. This is often called our 'Kiwi ingenuity' as we are naturally curious and creative. We are a progressive bunch who pushes for better; being nuclear free, the first self-governing country to give women the vote, having a female Prime Minister and the Treaty of Waitangi are just a few examples. 


Kiwis are the most down to earth people you'll meet
New Zealand is a safe and peaceful place to live



New Zealand prides itself on being a safe place to live and grow your family with very low crime rates. It's stable, peaceful and safer than just about anywhere in the world - in fact we're the second safest country in the world, according to the 2019 Global Peace Index. Expats often return home to bring up their children as they know it's the best place for them!


World-class education

For a small country, we "punch above our weight" (we do very well) in the education department. All eight of our universities come in among the top 500 QS World University Rankings for 2019. Our education system is a fair one where everyone has the right to an education up to tertiary level, with the most part government funded. Both academic and practical, skill-based achievements are valued here. Young people are encouraged to be questioning - to see the bigger picture and be open minded in finding new ways of approaching things. 

The overriding goal is to create "confident, connected, actively involved life-long learners" equipped for the knowledge age. Add in a safe learning environment and a healthy dose of the outdoor recreation our wide-open spaces offer and it is a recipe for producing resourceful and confident young adults ready to take on the world. 

New zealand offers world class education
New Zealand Kea. We have an environmental focus


Environmental focus

We can always do better, but as a country we are committed to maintaining robust controls over land development, fishing, water quality and conservation. We've dedicated over 30% of our land area to national parks and other protected areas with extensive campaigns to rid our land of threats to native wildlife and to support populations of endangered species such as our native birds, including the kiwi. Zag is even working on solutions to assist with pest control.



While we get our share of wild weather, our climate lacks the extremes that make getting into nature hard. Our climate overall is a temperate climate which means relatively mild, wet winters and warm dry summers.

However being a maritime country, the weather can change rapidly from day to day or even during the day. There are also wide variations: the far north can be positively subtropical, while the deep south can get icy winds. It can be sunny and warm on the east coast and cloudy and wet over the mountains on the west. 

New Zealand has southern hemisphere seasons, with winter from June to August and Summer from December to February.

New Zealand has a temperate maritime climate
New Zealand has a comprehensive healthcare system



Here in New Zealand we have a comprehensive healthcare system which is easily accessible and low cost. New Zealand residents and some work visa holders benefit from this thanks to heavy government subsidies. New Zealand residents can choose to take out medical insurance for private healthcare, although many New Zealanders do not opt for this additional cover. 

We also have Accident Cover which is like income protection in case you have an accident and cannot work. This cover will pay out 80% of your pay for the time you are off work. For more info, check out our source:

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Learn more about Zag's award-winning culture
Learn more about moving to New Zealand