Perfect... first time

Studies show that 50-80% of projects exceed time and budget due to poor testing practices. Zag can help you drive the cost and the duration of your project down while maintaining a quality outcome. The Zag testing team brings together seasoned subject matter experts who use tried and true methods, sound process and will work with you to develop a pragmatic test strategy and plans that are tailored to your business needs. 

Quality is not expensive, defects are. 

SAP Testing
SAP Testing

Can you afford to fail?

Effective testing and quality practices will remove problems before they occur safeguarding both your ROI, profit and reputation. In our experience, confirming early in the process that the business solution is fit for purpose improves the chances of successful delivery by reducing costly re-work and driving down the overall duration of the programme. 

Zag's testing team have years of experience with SAP integrated solutions, they are certified in one or more areas of SAP, and they understand the complexities of the processes and challenges that impact your business. We work closely with delivery teams to challenge their thinking, which is key to having a quick turnaround of defects and minimising testing time. Our testing collateral has been developed and used within complex projects, so you can benefit from robust processes that are refined and adapted to suit your needs. 

What do you get?  

We can assist, manage or execute across the entire breadth of the testing lifecycle (end-to-end) or any part you choose. 

Our offering includes:

  • Quality Assurance - review of testing development practices, processes and tools
  • Test Management - from Test Strategy, through Test Planning, to Test Execution and Reporting
  • Test Execution - providing skilled resource to analyse requirements and create reusable test cases and test scenarios
  • Performance Testing - planning, management and execution
  • Test Automation - design and implement automation framework
SAP Testing