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Not your typical ERP...

Looking for a world-leading ERP? Do you need an ERP solution that acts as a decision making tool, not just a transactional record system? 

With new embedded technologies and artificial intelligence, our customers are using SAP S/4HANA to transform and redefine their business processes.

Zag: Trusted SAP Partner since 1996

Your Trusted and Experienced S/4HANA Partner

Zag is your trusted SAP partner

Why Zag?

Zag has delivered the most S/4HANA implementations within Australia and New Zealand since our first S/4HANA migration with Ballance Agri-Nutrients in 2016. In fact, our work with Ballance won an SAP Global Innovation Award in 2018 - the only ANZ company to have achieved this. 

We are proud of our heritage as an SAP Gold Partner for over 20 years and even more proud of our reputation as a 'safe pair of hands'. Zag's collaborative approach offers our clients clarity and certainty throughout the implementation process. 


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Zag is your trusted partner for hyperscaler deployment

Hyperscaler deployment

Are you looking to deploy S/4HANA in a hyperscaler environment? Zag has an extensive history in deploying enterprise workloads on Hyperscaler platforms and has the knowledge and experience to provide tailored solutions for complex applications. Talk to us to understand:

  • Which hyperscaler is right for you
  • What the benefits are of deploying S/4HANA on a hyperscaler
  • How to deploy S/4HANA on a hyperscaler


Zag is an AWS advanced consulting partner

Zag is a certified Google Cloud Platform partnerMS Azure-1





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Want to move to S/4HANA, but not sure how?

S/4HANA discovery package

S/4HANA Discovery Package

Considering a move to S/4HANA but not sure Why, What or How?


Zag has a track record of successful S/4HANA projects. Our experienced team can review your system and give you an honest, no-nonsense plan for moving to S/4HANA. We will answer:

  • Why a move to S/4HANA will be beneficial and what value it will bring to your business and your end-to-end business processes
  • What technical requirements are needed for a smooth and safe transition. 
  • How you can move to S/4HANA from an existing SAP ERP landscaped or from another ERP. 

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Zagging your way to S/4HANA - Our packages

When it comes to moving to SAP S/4HANA, Zag has options for organisations new to SAP and those already using SAP ECC.


Existing SAP ECC customers

Based on our experience as Australasia's leading S/4HANA implementation partner, Zag is pleased to announce S/4HANA conversion packages for ECC customers. There is a growing trend of customers protecting their existing investment and converting from ECC to S/4HANA and therefore, we have developed packages to allow our customers to move effectively and efficiently. Our baseline packages provide both trial migration and system conversions fully aligned to SAP's S/4HANA conversion guidelines.


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Download Zag's conversion packages guide


ECC Customers Starting Overview

For those customers who have ECC but are looking to transform their business and adopt a best-practice approach; to leverage new tools and services offered by the SAP ecosystem, the journey can be quite different to a conversion project. A greater emphasis needs to be put on the design phase and what can be leveraged from the existing system, and what needs to be redesigned. Zag offers a "Re-Deploy" package with the following services for customers looking to re-deploy their SAP system in a "greenfield" S/4HANA approach. 

  • Scans and interpretation of the current ECC instance as it relates to S/4HANA, i.e. via Technical Readiness Checks, Business Process Analysis and Value Lifecycle Management
  • A fact-based assessment of the maturity of your SAP ECC landscapes (including BW, HCM, APO etc) thereby confirming whether a new implementation is indeed the best choice
  • How a deployment in any of the leading hyper-scaler environments would be conducted
  • Requirements gathering to access how you could move towards SAP Best Practices and a fit-to-standard approach
  • Business case development and strategic alignment


New SAP Customers

We typically find that new SAP customers want to take advantage of a cloud-based deployment in some shape or form. On top of this, a fit-to-standard approach (where possible) is often requested by the customer. We see this move as being driven by the current market trend of cloud-based ERP systems. Based on this, we offer the following 3 step package process to our customers. 

New sap customers packages


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