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Next-gen Cloud ERP

SAP S/4HANA Cloud is a next-generation SaaS Cloud ERP suite. It provides future-looking functionality that helps companies run integrated and intelligent digital businesses in real time. 


Zag's S/4HANA Cloud Package

A successful S/4HANA Cloud project ensures that critical processes are in place to deliver the business benefits you need and sets up the business itself to absorb the change easily. 

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Based on our experience implementing SAP S/4HANA, we have developed a package that will minimise disruption during implementation and will achieve your goals through smaller, targeted roll-outs. Zag's S/4HANA Cloud package consists of three parts:


S4H 3step package


How we work with you

partnering with SAP

Zag and SAP Partnering for You

We believe the key to implementing S/4HANA Cloud successfully is to ensure Zag is 100% aligned with SAP and the S/4HANA Cloud Activate Methodology.

As New Zealand and Australia's most trusted and accredited SAP partner with over 23 years of experience, Zag has the experience to ensure your solution will be implemented to the highest quality standards. To ensure the quality of your implementation, Zag has achieved S/4HANA Cloud Sales and Implementation certifications.

As part of our S/4HANA Cloud package offering, we adhere and comply with SAP best practices and offer you the full end-to-end solution lifecycle covering: 

  • The SAP Brand Guardian process to confirm whether S/4HANA Cloud is right for you
  • S/4HANA Cloud Licence purchasing
  • SAP Best Practice implementation as per the SAP Activate Methodology
  • Upgrade and support services for each cloud release

How we ensure a successful S/4HANA Cloud project

In addition to guiding you through SAP's rigorous Brand Guardian process (this confirms that all the functionality your business needs is catered for by the solution); Zag works with you to develop a cloud mindset across the business where:

  • Management supports best practice adaptation and understands how to drive benefits from SAP's 50 years' experience in business process optimisation
  • We ensure clarity on change management requirements, so no employee gets left behind
  • A razor focus on the customer ensures, that everything we do adds value to the customer experience
Grow your S4HANA investment

How we help you grow your S/4HANA investment

When Zag is your fellow traveller in your S/4HANA cloud journey: 

  • You always know the path ahead, as we provide you with a regularly updated roadmap to unlock more value from your solution
  • We pre-assess the value in SAP's quarterly updates for you, alert you to what could deliver benefits and help adapt relevant new functionality seamlessly
  • We put the miles in the quarterly testing for you, so you can focus on your customers instead

Why S/4HANA Cloud?

There is a growing trend for organisations moving their core business processes to the cloud

and embracing enterprise-wide Saas initiatives. 


So why are organisations choosing to move to the S/4HANA Cloud?




Faster return on investment (ROI)

A cloud solution that provides faster value realisation for IT and the business


Increased business agility

An agile cloud solution that helps consume innovation(s) with minimal effort and adapts to dynamic business needs

Lower TCO

Lower total cost of ownership (TCO)

A fully managed ERP cloud solution that makes deployment, configuration and maintenance simpler, faster and less expensive

Improved governance and compliance

Improved governance and compliance

A fool-proof cloud solution where the value is achieved not only through technology, but also through governance, security and transformation

Intelligent cloud ERP

More intelligent cloud ERP

Intelligent ERP that acts as your co-pilot, eliminating repetitive tasks and making suggestions based on business patterns and employee behaviour

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