Project Management

A safe pair of hands when you can't afford to fail

SAP projects can be delivered on time and on budget – we manage to do it all the time.

Zag has delivered more SAP projects in New Zealand than any other provider, for large enterprises and mid-size companies and for a broad range of SAP solutions – including full, end-to-end ERP implementations.

This unparalleled experience is leveraged by our Project Managers to provide certainty and clarity for both project delivery teams and the customer.

Our dedicated Project Managers use the Zag Delivery Framework, a refined version of SAP’s ASAP methodology and SAP’s ASAP Focus methodology, which we have modified to better suit NZ businesses.

Project Management
Project Management

ASAP methodology 

Used in more than 2,000 projects worldwide, the ASAP methodology supports the entire team, both internal team members from the customer and external consultants: project management, business process consultants and the technical areas.

We complement this road map with Best Practices and Industry Solution processes, disciplines, tools and templates to enable a rapid, low-risk implementation approach. The benefits from this approach include the ability to reduce implementation times while mitigating risk, without compromising to the quality of the outcome.


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