SAP Leonardo

Innovation platform to drive change across your business



Generate insights, using the power of machines to process, analyse and recommend. Improve your outcomes, thanks to a deeper understanding of your business. Innovate your business, with continuous learning.

Improve customer insight and retention

Leonardo uses data captured through IoT, ML and AI to provide you with a clear picture of your customers, and helps you discover strategies to increase loyalty amongst your customer base. 

Optimise your assets
Use Leonardo to understand where your assets are in their lifecycle, and generate a plan for maintenance and replacement. Get the most from your investments and avoid breakdowns, saving your business time and money. 


Smarter decision making

Leonardo's machine learning capacity means its recommendations continuously improve over time. Align your strategy to proven growth areas, and access critical insight into areas of your business that you need to improve, based on actual data from your business. Fact, not guesswork. 


Leonardo is integrated throughout SAP offerings, including HANA suites and Analytics, allowing you to easily innovate, prototype and implement within your day-to-day operations. Leonardo supports your systems to continuously learn, generating ongoing insights to hone and improve decision-making, leading to better outcomes for your business.