Fast, consistent and secure copying of SAP data

Zag now provides the tool set from EPI-USE Labs to its New Zealand clients.


This powerful set of products provides everything from simple to complex copying of your SAP data, using the most secure techniques including data encryption for sensitive information such as payroll.

The Range includes 4 key products:

  • Data Sync Manager™ (DSM)
  • Advanced Time Process Manager™ (ATPM)
  • Query Manager™ (QM)
  • Variance Monitor™ (VM)
Data Sync Manager - Empowering all levels of SAP

Empowering all levels of SAP

Data Sync Manager™ (DSM) empowers all levels of SAP® users, ensuring access to production data in nonproduction systems for testing, training and support. This landscape management suite supplies you with the data you need when you need it. Use DSM to copy systems, clients and SAP data objects and to mask data on demand.

The DSM suite has four complementary products:

  • SystemBuilder™
  • Client Sync™
  • Object Sync™
  • Data Secure™

Although the products can be used on their own, the real power of DSM is experienced when they are used in combination.

SystemBuilder™ allows you to make a complete repository copy with ease. You can then use Client Sync™ to add a fully functional subset of client data. This in turn can be supplemented, using Object Sync™, which allows you to select and transfer specific data objects easily and accurately, as needed. To mask sensitive data for security and governance compliance requirements, the Data Secure™ is used to achieve this.

Query Manager™ (QM) provides powerful and easy to use SAP HCM reporting and adds depth and breadth to your reporting capabilities. This powerful product, with its intuitive drag-and-drop interface, allows you to run ready-to use reports or easily create your own – no knowledge of ABAP programming is needed. QM can report on all SAP® Human Capital Management (HCM) data, including cluster information such as payroll results.

  • React to business needs in real time
  • Flexible data outputs
  • Easy payroll and time-results reporting
  • Versatile ready-to-use reports
Secure copying of SAP data
Variance Monitor (VM) data analysis

Data at different analysis levels 

Variance Monitor™ (VM) allows streamlined analysis of variances in your HCM data. It gives you the power to highlight variances in SAP® Human Capital Management (HCM) data according to tolerances that you set and you can compare payroll and time results, master data and FI postings.

VM allows you to view your HCM data at different analysis levels, such as personnel number, cost centre or business area levels. It provides free sample comparisons and also incorporates pre-defined, functional comparisons for payroll, time and master data. VM enhances and accelerates period to period auditing and the testing of upgrades, Enhancement and Support Packs. It can also detect “null” values, like non-payments, highlight new payments or differences. Making it invaluable for Sarbanes-Oxley and other audit-compliance requirements.

The Zag advantage

With our expert knowledge of SAP and EPI-USE technology, we are able to provide clients with a very cost effective and efficient solution for all those data copy scenarios every SAP client has today, and much more.

Zag will work with you to define, design and deliver a cost effective solution which meets you business requirements and mitigates those long copy outages and ensures your data is secure.

Click here to read a case study on our work with EPI-USE at Livestock Improvement Corporation (LIC).

Zag advantage with our expert knowledge of SAP and EPI-USE technology