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EPI-USE Labs - Data Sync Manager

Your organisation asks more of its SAP systems every day. At the same time your team is required to do more with fewer resources and less time - making it difficult to respond to the rapidly changing needs of the business. Rapid data growth, special projects and system upgrades and updates add to these challenges. Falling behind is a real threat as the status quo hinders your ability to keep up with the business.

With the Data Sync Manager (DSM) suite of products, you can rapidly create new non-production systems, reduce the footprint when refreshing clients, copy selected data on-demand, and scramble data for security. This guarantees that your SAP users always enjoy access to up-to-date, relevant data for Production support, testing and training – you get the data you need, when you need it.

DSM is essential for day-to-day management of your system landscape and during installations and upgrades, for even the most complex SAP system landscapes. With DSM, you save time, reduce costs and risks and improve business efficiency.

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Data Sync Manager suite of tools:

  • System Builder
    Creates a new non-production system shell, without any application data
  • Client Sync
    Creates lean SAP clients that are fully functional and have complete data integrity. An alternative to a full system refresh
  • Object Sync
    Allows functional users to copy specific data scenarios, on demand, with complete data integrity, from any system to another
  • Data Secure
    Protects sensitive data across all non-production systems using flexible masking options
  • System Compare
    Quickly and easily compares systems to identify any differences for testing using an intuitive interface
  • Object Extractor
    Allows you to extract data for archiving SAP systems such as InfoArchive. Creates a copy of the data needed for referencing without excessive overheads and running costs
  • Data Disclosure
    Instantly searches an SAP landscape to locate, retrieve and present a subject’s data footprint with an encrypted pdf download
  • Data Redact
    Intelligently identifies and redacts data so that your company complies with relevant privacy laws. Sensitive or identifying fields are altered, or cleared, without removing the whole record

Data Sync Manager benefits

  • Ensures accurate, consistent data in non-production systems
  • Creates clients quickly and with no post-processing effort (BDLS)
  • Provides data when you need it, where you need it
  • Reduces system interruptions and downtime
  • Complies with data protection standards, such as Sarbanes Oxley, the BDSG, or GDPR
  • Offers unparalleled data quality and completeness
  • Cuts disk space and data storage costs significantly
  • Supports over 1600 business objects – more than any other data copy product