We are excited to announce that Zag is joining the Accenture A/NZ family! We believe that becoming part of Accenture will substantially boost our ability to deliver end-to-end digital and business transformation for our customers, while maintaining our strong relationships and our award-winning culture.

The What

We’re the SAP & AWS partner that New Zealand trusts. After all, we were born here.

Kiwi businesses face countless challenges. We know them all. In fact, we've successfully tackled them for over 20 years. More than 100 organisations have come to us for a boost and, working together, we’ve helped them leap from strength to digital strength.  

Tech is constantly changing and the world’s changing with it. Since our doors opened we’ve proudly worked toward a simple goal - to help Kiwi businesses and communities become stronger, safer and more prosperous through the tech we use. From ‘96 to today that purpose has driven our projects and fuelled our success, and the journey’s just begun.

Our support services are the first in New Zealand to be certified as a SAP Centre of Expertise. We are the only New Zealand SAP partner to have won a global SAP innovation award.  It all comes at a price - a damn good one. Now every Kiwi business can afford the help they need. The way it should be.

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 Zag_The Who

The Who

Our people are the key and our culture is the keychain that keeps it all together. We’ve sculpted an award-winning team that attracts the finest talent to create the best results. We have a permanent line-up of nearly 200 dedicated people who use a global pool of information to offer unparalleled SAP and AWS solutions to Kiwi businesses.

Our methods are simple. Create solid and trustworthy relationships to create clever solutions and lasting results for our clients. It’s obviously working. The clients who joined us in 1996 are still on board and looking to the future, the same way we always are.

The Where

Our projects reach cross-country. With offices in Auckland, Wellington, Sydney and Melbourne, we’ve taken world-class projects from North to South, East to West, high and low. Wherever SAP and AWS challenges have arisen, we’ve been prepared.

Almost 200 of us are on standby, making us the largest SAP consulting team in the country. We live and breathe SAP and AWS. We know that digital spans traditional business and system silos. We also know that New Zealand businesses must have a partner who understands their needs to guarantee results. It’s just common sense that seems to be not-so-common.

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