The Open Group Architecture Framework (TOGAF) was developed by The Open Group, an international consortium with members from across the IT sector, as a comprehensive approach to enterprise architecture.

TOGAF covers all aspects of architecture development, from design and planning to implementation and governance. Soltius’ team of enterprise architects are now certified to implement the framework after completing an intensive training programme.

Nick Mulcahy, Soltius’ Director – Futures, attended the TOGAF programme and he says that the certification shows Soltius’ enterprise architects are at the leading edge of their field. “Any organisation looking to improve their processes and align their technology with their business objectives can benefit from this framework. The certification means we can now offer these proven solutions to our customers.”

Certification also provides assurance that the Soltius consultants conform to The Open Group’s standards and specifications, and have the expertise to apply the methodology in a business environment.

Mulcahy says that TOGAF’s non-prescriptive, flexible approach, and the fact it is constantly evolving to keep up with change, means it can add value in any IT environment.

“TOGAF is technology agnostic so it can help to ensure that IT is enabling, not hindering, the business goals and objectives no matter what technology is being used. It has been used successfully around the world and has emerged as one of the most widely accepted methods for developing enterprise architecture.”