Dr Peter Catt is the Supply Chain Solution Manager at SAP partner Soltius New Zealand and has been elected to the leadership team of the Supply Chain Council’s Australia/New Zealand chapter.

The Supply Chain Council (SCC) is an international not-for-profit consortium providing methodology, diagnostic and benchmarking tools. Since joining the leadership team, Dr Catt has been appointed as the Strategic Alliance Chair and he says his role compliments his work with Soltius clients. “There is huge potential for the SCC to become more involved with the SAP installed base.

“I have carried out work for our clients using the Supply Chain Operations Reference (SCOR) model and it is very complimentary to SAP processes and systems. There is potential to increase the profile of SCOR and the SCC in New Zealand, which is currently quite low.”

SCOR is a process reference model that Dr Catt has used to analyse processes and recommend improvements, and he says that it is a proven tool for providing quick, and dramatic, gains. “It’s certainly been my experience that organisations can get a fast return on investment and make significant savings.”

SCC’s membership is made up of global market leaders, many of whom have gained a competitive edge from their superior supply chain processes. Soltius one of 40 members of the Australia/New Zealand chapter, and other local members include Carter Holt Harvey, Fonterra, Sanitarium and Qantas.

Dr Catt has almost two decades’ experience in supply chain management, having worked for some of New Zealand’s largest companies. He has a Doctorate in Computing, an MBA, and his papers on forecasting methods have been published in international peer-reviewed journals.