Soltius, New Zealand’s only SAP Gold Partner, has launched a specialist testing unit to help SAP users improve the quality and efficiency of new software development projects.

Orah Peri, manager of Soltius’ SAP testing business, says it’s time that testing took centre stage instead of being relegated to a supporting role.

“Too often testing is regarded as an afterthought, something to be tacked on towards the end of a project, when in fact it should be included right from the start of any software development.”

“You would never consider constructing a bridge or a building or an aircraft without planning and testing the design, the methods and the materials. But with software projects, testing is often seen as the poor cousin you invite because you feel you have to, not because you want to,” says Ms Peri.

Peri says that seasoned managers understand the importance of testing and the measurable benefits that integrated testing methodologies deliver to the business.

“Proper testing reduces the overall costs of development, helps deliver what the business really requires and ensures that user acceptance is streamlined from the get-go,” says Peri.

“If the testing team is involved at the blueprint stage of a project, then invariably the project runs more smoothly, costs less, has fewer dead-ends, isn’t deployed with obvious errors and generally ships as fit for purpose,” says Peri.
The size and nature of a software development helps determine the shape and scope of the testing regimen, according to Peri.

“You don’t necessarily have to have an entire testing team involved from day one, but if you integrate testing from the start, then you can gradually ramp it up as a project progresses. This delivers efficiencies for both development and testing, which directly translate through to cost savings and smoother deployments,” says Peri.

Unlike general testing services, the Soltius testing group mainly work on SAP projects. Peri says this results in a testing service that is tailored specifically to suit SAP customers.

“As an SAP Gold Partner, we not only deliver a testing service that is optimised for SAP projects, but we have SAP specialist consultants with years of experience to advise on the best approach to take in any given situation. Unlike a general testing business, we don’t have to call the SAP Helpdesk to get answers to technical questions – we’ve got the answers right here in the business,” says Peri.

According to Peri, the Soltius testing service has gotten off to a great start with nine specialists already working on a major government project from now until April 2016, with a number of other major projects due to come on stream over the next few months.

For further information contact:

Orah Peri
Testing Business Line Manager
Mob: 027 680 2459 

Joseph Sweeney
Marketing Coordinator
Mob: 027 700 8459