The newly announced SAP Best Practice HR/Payroll solution for New Zealand was developed by SAP in collaboration with Soltius and will cut the time and cost of implementing SAP HR and Payroll systems significantly.

Soltius HR Team Leader Mark Grantham was involved in its development and he says that Soltius customers will benefit from the new product.

“This is an accelerator. It’s a predelivered solution that speeds up the time spent on configuration and design – which lowers the cost to the customer – and it mitigates the risks that come with implementation.”

The perceived size and complexity of implementation can dissuade mid-size businesses from looking at SAP solutions, but Mark says that the Best Practice solution removes many of the barriers.

“We have based the design on our own experience of SAP HR and Payroll implementations in New Zealand and overseas, in many types of organisations large and small.”

Most importantly, he says, Soltius can still offer the tailored solutions its customers expect. “We will be able to use the Best Practice solution as a foundation for a whole range of value-added and targeted variations to ensure the solution meets a customer organisation’s specific needs.”