SAP recommends that Support Packages are applied at regular intervals in the maintenance lifecycle – between one and four times a year depending on business activity. The patches fix known problems with SAP software or make adjustments to reflect broader changes in the business environment.

For example, a recent Support Package included a range of changes to HR tax information. The Soltius Support Centre team found that organisations who had kept up to date with previous support packages were able to apply the changes in a day. Others who had not stayed current took up to ten times as long to carry out the same task.

Testing for issues can also be sped up considerably – packages recently applied to an up-to-date system resulted in only one issue being logged during the testing phase. This is compared to several weeks’ worth of work to resolve issues in a system that was more than two years behind in its support packages.

The benefits of support packages include:

• Reduced risk of operating your business with a system that has known errors
• Reduced number of issues that may arise as new functionality is activated or configured
• Reduced business downtime and pain associated with reactive support as a result of proactive preventative maintenance
• More efficient support from SAP the closer you are to the latest levels as new errors can be eliminated faster
• Enhanced relationships between systems as a result of reducing complexity.

Soltius can further reduce the effort required to apply support packages with a clearly defined approach and strategy which has proven to be effective. Building on the more than 20 successful updates carried out to date, we have developed a framework methodology which can be leveraged to make the process more efficient for any landscape big or small. Email to discuss this further.