We’re excited to announce the launch of MyPM – our new user-focused, comprehensive and affordable solution for mobilising SAP Plant Maintenance.

We’ve discovered that many organisations struggle to get started on their move to mobilising SAP, for a whole range of reasons. They want simpler options that still deliver stunning results.

This insight was central to the development of the MyPM solution.

MyPM uses an ‘inside out’ approach to mobilising SAP, and incorporates the same user interface as SAP Fiori. This is achieved using Neptune Software’s SAP Certified Add On to your existing SAP ERP system. MyPM has been created using flexible technology options and commonly available SAP and IT technical skills. It’s fast and simple to deploy, enhance and support, and has no or minimal additional infrastructure requirements.

For more information, and to watch an online demo video of MyPM, visit our product page by clicking here