Making the ERP transition.

A guide for CFO’s and decision makers struggling with the growing pains of successful NZ businesses.

Making the ERP transition

Is your business struggling with growth and managing out-dated systems?

Are you considering upgrading or embarking on an ERP project but can’t quite get the project across the line?

Or perhaps this isn’t the first time you’ve investigated ERP for your business?

Then this new guide might just provide the insight and impetus you need to get the project across the line.


In our guide we cover: 

  • The reasons and drivers that influence an organisation's desire to change from out-dated, painful systems to a new ERP solution
  • Why it’s so hard to get the project across the line – what’s the reason ERP projects typically stall?
  • How to evaluate when the time is right for your business to switch systems
  • How to prepare your organisation for ERP change
  • 10 things required for a successful ERP implementation.

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