GIS is the future. Make it more than 'just a map'. 

With many businesses and councils using GIS systems to display and analyse data geographically, such as property records and utilities locations, the integration of GIS systems with SAP is a growing need. 

The technology is finding applications in areas such as supply chain management, the insurance industry and even retail where it is proving useful in areas like outlet planning and forecasting. Spatial data promises to bring new insights to businesses as diverse as banking, farming, urban planning and healthcare. In fact, nearly every industry you can think of. 

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How is Zag different? 

The Zag Spatial Services team is headed by industry leader Matti Seikkula, who brings 30 years of experience in Technology and GIS. Matti comes to Zag from spatial services provider e-Spatial where he was the CIO and Principal Consultant. He was named Professional of the Year in the 2015 NZ Spatial Excellence awards for his contribution to the industry and is a regular speaker on all things Geospatial at industry conferences across Australasia. 

With the appointment of Matti, Zag brings specialists in SAP, cloud services and GIS together under one roof in a New Zealand first. For our clients, the biggest benefit is simplicity. One partner to meet their needs, a customer centric approach and easy collaboration across SAP, cloud and GIS specialists. 

Consultancy Services

Improve the performance of your GIS systems when you engage our Spatial team. We will work with you to increase cost savings on software and services, improve process efficiencies, provide advice on best practice and guidance on the latest technologies and best-of-breed tools. 

Spatial Road Map: 

  1. We work with the business, IT and GIS teams to review existing systems and processes, and the root causes of any issues
  2. We develop a clear picture of the current state. Initiatives are designed to address the identified issues
  3. Based on the organisation's vision and desired future state, we develop a transition plan and road map to future-proof the business. 

Other consultancy services include: Guidance on best practice, detailed design, assistance with business cases and requirements, advice on highlighting business benefits. 

Improve your GIS systems performance when you engage Zag Spatial
Integrate your Esri data with SAP for better insights

SAP - Esri integrations:

Integrations are a no-brainer. Find new ways of viewing spatial data within your SAP systems for better insights and decision making. No more flipping between systems and copy-paste, instead you will benefit from time savings, a single source of truth and improved user experience. 

We are specialists in SAP and Esri, so we know all the ins-and-outs of integrations.

  • Data Level: ETL processes between SAP and Esri data sources
  • Services Level: API's, SDK's, Esri's RESTful Map, Feature and Scene services; SAP's GEF
  • User Interface Level: Whatever you require, from configurable tools and mechanisms such as frameworks and iFrames through to custom development. 


Cloud migrations

There's a good reason why cloud is on every business' road map. Enhanced system performance, security, ease-of-use, and when consumed as-a-service, no need to deal with CAPEX. 

When you engage Zag, we don't just lift and shift your workloads, we transform them, so they take full advantage of the AWS platform. Since we're specialists in Esri, SAP and AWS, we will remove the fuss so you work with a single partner that understands how each system and platform can perform to its fullest potential. 

If you want zero fuss maintenance, we can do that too, with our integrated managed services, SLA's and 24/7 support. 

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