Zag GearShift

Take Your IT Up a Gear

The Cloud can empower your IT through better automation

We strongly believe the real benefits of cloud can only be seen through automation and a commitment to continuous improvement. The cloud offers you a better way to work – get ahead of the curve, stop firefighting and address the root cause of problems through automation. Reduce human error and the need for dedicated resources on things that aren’t your core business.

Introducing Zag GearShift.

Work faster and smarter with the cloud. GearShift provides you with the tools you need to make deploying and managing cloud environments easier. Based on Zag’s proven methodology and framework, GearShift will enable your IT department to become the agile, value-adding task force the business needs.

Customer benefits?

Faster path to better cloud management – by adopting our proven tools and frameworks.

What problem does it solve?

Some cloud adopters suffer from difficult or failed cloud adoptions without appropriate management techniques. Our offering allows you to work smarter without a large investment or long lead times.

What value is derived?

Lower TCO – with better management and operational models.

What you’ll receive:

  • Implementation of automation and operational models
  • Tried and tested tooling and methods.


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Zag Gearshift cloud automation framework