Rayonier Matariki Forests (Rayonier), own and manage some of the most spectacular plantation forests in New Zealand, approximately 120,000 hectares of plantations on a 166,000-hectare land base.

They experienced challenges in consistently executing Operational Production Planning, which is short-term weekly plans, in synchrony with the Tactical Production Planning (long-term planning). The ideal is to automate the flow of operations information and to automatically disaggregate data into weekly levels while still allowing flexibility to tweak information on the fly, without any impact to Tactical Production Planning.

“Zag’s analytics services have brought significant value to our business, so we had full trust in their ability to deliver on our requirements for a BI/ BW solution. The Zag team worked effectively with our internal team to deliver a great outcome for our business.” – Susie Barrington, Business Technology Director for Rayonier Matariki Forests

Solution – Automated Production Planning with Business Warehouse

The Business Intelligence (BI)/ Business Warehouse (BW) solution allows Rayonier to instantly compare its planned production to its actual historic production as well as generating production plans based on automated algorithms and new forecasting techniques. It’s fully integrated, so once the Tactical Production Planning is ready, the data flows automatically into the Operational Production Planning data models, avoiding delays and assuring one single version of the truth.

SAP technologies used in the solution are SAP BW on HANA, BPC Embedded 10.1, SAP Design Studio 1.6 and SAP Business Objects 4.2.

“Our new SAP BI/ BW solution has enabled greater autonomy and decision-making expertise in our short- and long-term production planning. The full integration, automated algorithms and new forecasting techniques has optimised our output and improved the sustainability of our operations.”  – Susie Barrington, Business Technology Director for Rayonier Matariki Forests

Outcome – Improved Planning, Optimised Output and Autonomy

Consistent information between Tactical and Operational Production Planning through full integration utilising smart top-down disaggregation has improved performance by providing Rayonier’s business users with tools that allow autonomy and decision-making expertise.

Aligning short-term planning with Rayonier’s long-term operations strategy allows Production Managers to make better strategic decisions for production and adjust plans to result in greater efficiency.

Improved production planning in forestry translates to less timber wastage and offcuts which positively impacts Rayonier’s bottom line and the environment.

Benefits include:

  • Improved data quality and integrity.
  • Forecasting accuracy is down to + or – in single percentages for production planning.
  • Increased transparency in the system.

“The BI/ BW solution delivered for Rayonier Matariki Forests is a great example of how Analytics solutions and Zag Services can be used to help customers make better business decisions. In this case, SAP technology including BW on HANA has reconciled Rayonier’s Operational and Tactical plans for optimised production output.

What’s more, our analytics consultants love working alongside Rayonier because of our strong, collaborative and trusting partnership. We look forward to working with Rayonier for years to come to provide further analytical insights as the technology becomes available.”  – Glenda Godfrey, Sales Manager for Zag