Powerco previously ran a non-SAP ERP and GIS system side by side, with one way integration from GIS to ERP, to manage its asset data.


Powerco relied on a process of providing accurate and timely data to be as-built into these systems, which was often prone to delays. Visualising assets on a map required specialist application use. Powerco has invested millions of dollars over the past twenty years, capturing and converting quality data but due to the previous ERP system lacking spatial capability, the data was not widely understood nor used to its full potential.

“Getting accurate information on the location and condition of our assets is key to keeping the lights on and gas flowing at Powerco. Despite spending millions on maintaining asset information in the company’s geographic information systems, the data was not as widely used or trusted as it could have been.

Powerco invested in full, two-way integration between SAP and GIS and now every employee can access and interact with our asset information in an intuitive way from within S/4HANA.”

– Brigitte Colombo, Chief Information Officer



Powerco reimagined these business processes during a greenfield implementation of S/4HANA, opening the door for SAP’s asset management capabilities to be combined with ESRI GIS’s geospatial advantages.

Intelligent technologies SAP GEO.E and SAP GEF were deployed (for one of the first times globally) to provide two-way integration between S/4HANA and ESRI GIS. In the second innovation sprint, Powerco deployed SAP GEF Explorer to embed GIS into S/4HANA enabling all business users to visualise, select and optionally edit asset data from a map.


“S/4HANA is now the one-stop-shop for all asset information, including all work that is involved with that asset, from first and second response faults, defects, Customer Initiated Works (CIW), capital works and of course preventative maintenance. All these work types are now available to be viewed visually via the GEF map, improving efficiency for field crews and making Powerco more effective as asset managers.”
– Trent Tscheuschler, Electricity Operations Delivery Manager



SAP GEF with its integration to ESRI has given Powerco one source of truth across its two most foundational enterprise systems. Users now have geospatial views and functionality available directly within S/4HANA.

Defects, Work Orders and Notifications are visible in a geospatial context from the moment they are logged. When assets fail, users can see the cause of failure, location and the implication on the network.

Powerco is now better able to manage assets throughout their entire lifecycle by pre-building spatial locations for new assets and keeping the history of old assets after they’re gone.

  • Updates in S/4HANA are visible in the field.
  • Reduced delay in getting new assets set up in the system.
  • Business users and field crews are empowered.


“Powerco is now one of the most advanced utilities in the world in its use of GEF due to the complexity of the data, number of assets and scope of the integration.”
– Tom Turchioe, Global HANA Centre of Excellence – Spatial, Esri & SAP Integration


“Powerco has blazed an impressive trail in the adoption of SAP and spatial technologies to drive improvements in its asset management processes. Zag is proud to be the partner helping Powerco to deploy the latest SAP and ESRI solutions including a Greenfields implementation of SAP S/4HANA and one of the first SAP GEF implementations globally. With SAP GEF, the best in GIS meets the best in ERP.

This innovation success story evidences the business process transformation that is possible when you pair geospatial insights with intelligent digital core technology. Zag looks forward to supporting Powerco throughout the rest of its transformation journey as it makes the most of its new foundations.”
– Cam Millar, Chief Customer Officer for Zag


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