Who is Kubota?

For over 40 years, Kubota Australia and New Zealand (ANZ) has been the leading supplier of agriculture, construction, and power equipment. All of Kubota’s equipment is distributed and serviced through its authorised dealership network of 186 businesses across ANZ.

Why SAP Support?

Following the migration of its critical SAP workloads to Microsoft Azure (Azure), Kubota ANZ (Kubota) entered a tailored Evenflow Enterprise Support Services agreement with Zag part of Accenture (Zag) for SAP Basis and some application support, to help keep their IT team focused on value-add projects. “You can’t grow when you are fighting fires every day,” states Jonathon Bonnici, IT Service Delivery Manager, and with an ambitious 100% growth 5-year target, Kubota needed to make a change.

What Enterprise Support model?

Kubota ANZ opted for Zag’s Evenflow support model which spreads the cost of delivering fluctuating support -requirements evenly over the year, an increasingly popular alternative to fixed-price billing.

In an Evenflow model, the monthly invoice contains one consistent charge as agreed upon, accompanied by an activity report that outlines what work has been completed, how much of the budget had been utilised and a closing balance. The balance between billed and utilised is carried forward each month, allowing high use months to be balanced out and a bank of time to be built up.

The Controlled Environment supported, comprises of database software and SAP applications (SAP ERP, Solution Manager, Web Dispatcher, and Router), including the Development, Quality Assurance and Production environments of Kubota.

Table A. Service categories and provided services

Base Services (all activities and services required to manage the Controlled Environment that do not specifically relate to SAP Basis) Service Delivery Management
Service Operations
Escalation Process
ITSM and Knowledge Base
Service Reporting
24/7 Priority 1 Basis
SAP Basis – Proactive Services (all the proactive Services required to run the SAP application platform for the Controlled Environment) Architecture & Capacity Planning
SAP Solution Manager Tuning
System Reports
Incident Processing
Weekly/Daily Checks
SAP Basis – Preventative Maintenance (all the preventative Services required to run the SAP application platform for the Controlled Environment) SAP DB Patching
SAP Kernels/Java/Web Dispatcher
Security Notes
Pre-bought Basis Support
Set hours per/month
SAP Basis reactive support (break/ fix and Service Requests) Services
Time and Materials Reactive Support over set hours per/month SAP Basis reactive support (break/fix and Service Request) Services
Afterhours Call Outs (T&M)  Fixed amount per/hour

Graph A. Responsibility model

What are the benefits?

“Everyone in the IT team will testify that we’re benefitting from the support structures in place. It’s allowing that growth without us needing to double our IT footprint,” says Daniel Lodder, Head of Enterprise IT. “It’s fantastic to go home on Friday and know that your vendors have your back, to know that you can take annual leave and not have to check your phone because they’ve got you covered, you don’t need to worry.”

“That trust and that relationship with key partners is what’s going to take us forward,” concludes Bonnici.