Chorus NZ Limited (Chorus) sought enhanced data warehouse capability for its financial systems and reporting.


Who is Chorus?

Chorus builds and manages New Zealand’s largest telecommunications infrastructure network so Kiwis can connect to and enjoy greater broadband. Company snapshot:

  • Broadband connections: 1.1+ Million
  • Fixed-line connections: 1.4+ Million
  • Assets: 11,000 cabinets and 280,000 poles
  • Annual turnover: $1 Billion
  • Headcount: 900 staff
  • Number of wholesale customers: 100+



Chorus’ previous BW set up proved ineffective at sharing data with the Chorus Data Warehouse and other data sources. Employees spent unnecessary time linking SAP BI and non-SAP BI data sets via Excel, which meant some data was ignored and analysis ‘dumbed down’.

Financial reporting was based almost entirely on Excel and PowerPoint so there was no dynamic, real-time reporting. Users were not empowered to drive their own analysis.



Chorus and Zag executed a greenfield implementation of BW/4HANA 2.0 and BPC 11.1 Embedded on the HANA database 2.0, hosted in AWS. Seven modules were deployed: Finance, Project Systems, Controlling, Real Estate, HCM, SCM and Logistics.

The solution was architected using SAP best practices and the recommended modelling approach.

Chorus’ new BW/4HANA system seamlessly integrates with other SAP & non-SAP systems and Chorus’ data lake for comprehensive analysis and reporting. It supports Chorus’ strategic direction and aligns with SAP’s roadmap for analytics.


“Zag is proud to have worked with Chorus on the first BW/4HANA implementation in New Zealand. Blazing a trail using transformative SAP technologies with a long-term valued customer is what Zag’s all about.”

“As a cornerstone in the overall Chorus BI roadmap, the project involved transitioning all the Chorus BW reports from their existing on-premise solution to AWS, thereby realising the benefits of the SAP HANA platform on AWS. Thanks to effective teamwork and the determination of those involved, the Chorus BW/4HANA implementation has proved very successful.”

Chris Holmes, Account Manager for Zag



With BW/4HANA, Chorus has achieved dynamic, on-demand reporting of its asset and financial data. Asset data is frequently updated in the system which helps management to make quick decisions (previously only weekly updates were possible).

Real-time data extraction and reporting enabled in the finance module allows the finance team to be more productive, so they spend more time on value-added work such as supporting functional units.

  • Average run-time of asset queries has decreased from over 2 minutes to 2 seconds.
  • The daily process chain runtime decreased from 3hrs to 40 mins (Including Asset).
  • FTE optimisation is realised in the finance team.

The fast and future-proof BW/4HANA system supports post-2020 asset regulation and Chorus’ asset growth ambitions.


“Chorus is really happy with our new enhanced enterprise reporting capability with SAP BW/4HANA. The system manages high volumes of asset data meaning we have clawed back a half-day at Month End, with potential to go further. Modelling is much faster meaning the team can deliver business outcomes faster. It enables effective sharing of data between SAP BW and other data sources including our data lake. The business benefit of combining these data sources for analysis and reporting purposes has been immense. We can take the data basically anywhere now.”

Christine Wilson, SAP Portfolio Manager for Chorus


“We look forward to seeing Chorus achieve its ambitions in 2020 and beyond, supporting them where we can.”

Chris Holmes, Account Manager for Zag