As part of a multi-year strategic relationship with SAP, Auckland Council continues to improve its processes and systems for staff and citizens alike.



The Council is focused on improving and optimising its citizen’s experience by providing easy channels to communicate and obtain services directly. Digitising these services helps ensure citizens can easily connect with Auckland Council to request the information or services they need.

With the maintenance of parks, community facilities/venues, beaches and other public places, Auckland Council needed to enhance its request for service offering and better integrate customer-facing functions with its departments and contractors.



Using SAP, the Council has made it easier and simpler for citizens to identify maintenance issues, notify Auckland Council and request services for issue resolution via its new ‘Report a Problem’ request for service online portal used by staff and citizens alike. Auckland Council worked with SAP and Zag to deliver the solution in a soft roll-out to streamline the implementation.

The Report a Problem service utilises SAP Commerce to allow citizens to enter the address and upload a photo of the issue via the website among other steps to assist with correct issue identification and resolution. Thanks to the intelligent functionalities of SAP CRM and S/4HANA, this information is then automatically sent to the Council’s preferred vendor/contractor(s) for management.


“In building a more digitally integrated and user-friendly ‘Report a Problem’ experience, Auckland Council has been able to better connect with its citizens and suppliers to deliver a seamless maintenance service process and optimised customer experience. The unified SAP system’s automation, usability, and easy integration have been vital for citizens and staff members alike in helping Auckland Council improve its local community.”

– Auckland Council



With this new online service, Council staff and citizens can now easily report maintenance problems when and where they need to on any device. User reports can be tracked through to resolution via text or email alerts, or via the myAUCKLAND portal.

The end-to-end solution ensures all problems flow directly from the online webform to the Council’s contractors to resolve the work quickly, streamlining its citizen-service offering and creating new efficiencies for its preferred suppliers.


Feedback from staff has been glowing, they have complimented how intuitive, easy-to-use, and time saving the new platform is for users. The unified system’s automation, usability, and easy integration have been vital in helping Auckland Council improve its local community.

  • Customer Service call times reduced by 2.5 minutes (citizens can fill out the form online or call customer service to fill out the form for them)
  • Reduced maintenance requests from a 55-step mostly manual process, to a 10-step automated process for approximately 150,000 requests.
  • The ‘Report a Problem’ platform is a huge hit with staff and citizens for customer service and resolution efficiency.


“Zag is proud to be part of another successful customer experience project at Auckland Council as their long-term trusted SAP partner. The Request for Service solution is a fantastic example of how S/4HANA and C/4HANA technologies can come together seamlessly to deliver a highly-visible end-to-end business process that streamlines demand to supply.

Auckland Council remains at the forefront of Public Sector digital transformation with its impressive programme of work to digitise and optimise citizen services. It’s been a pleasure working alongside Auckland Council and SAP to deliver this transformation for the citizens of Auckland.”
– Andrew Roberts, Chief Operations Officer for Zag


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