Accuro Health Insurance have been taking outstanding care of their members for over 40 years. Latin for ‘taking care’, Accuro are driven by their mission to provide comprehensive health insurance cover and personal service at the lowest possible premiums. With roots dating back to 1971, when the company was founded as a healthcare insurer for health professionals, Accuro is run by Kiwis for Kiwis. This means they know what New Zealanders want and need from their health insurance. The company, now comprising 28 staff predominantly based in Wellington, operates as a Not For Profit (NFP), which means that everything they do is for those who own the organisation – their members. Accuro is proud to be successful in providing their members with top-quality products at the lowest sustainable premiums.

A major issue for Accuro over many years was their inability to turn their wealth of data into actionable business insights. Lenka Horanska, Application Support Analyst at Accuro, describes their position a few years ago: “We were in the dark. There was no clarity around a lot of aspects of the business and stakeholders were often getting different answers to the same questions. You simply can’t follow a strategy without being able to answer core business questions correctly”. A real lack of direction in analytics had led to the co-existence of a number of data siloes. Without a central ‘source of the truth’, Accuro had been using large numbers of spreadsheets with Excel queries in an attempt to turn their data into meaningful business insights. This led to a proliferation of different reports and a lack of structure around reporting rules.

With a desire to start using scorecards in management meetings and also deliver a user-friendly, self-service reporting environment, Accuro went to market for a solution. Zag proposed SAP BusinessObjects EDGE as the solution to Accuro’s pain. As a single-server, centrally-managed and easy to use business tool that met both the current reporting and future scorecarding requirements, the solution was accepted by Accuro. SAP BusinessObjects EDGE had the advanced visualisation features that Accuro was looking for, which means that analysis today is far more appealing and insightful for stakeholders. The ability to schedule distribution either within or outside the organisation, as well as add in personalisation, has been another great benefit for Accuro.

Accuro is currently using views integrated into the semantic layer of BusinessObjects EDGE to report against their strategic measures. Data is trusted by business users throughout the organisation and reporting is repeatable and consistent. The centralised data approach allows the governance team to feel assured, knowing that they now have visibility around how the business is tracking against organisation-wide goals.

While the team at Accuro are excited by the progress they have been able to make so far, they feel that there is still a long way to go in improving their analytics capabilities. The ability to standardise reports and terminology will be a really significant step for Accuro, and they have already made a start towards this goal. Standard documents, like board and management reports, are currently produced using the Live Office tool, an add-on for Microsoft Office, which is part of the BusinessObjects EDGE toolset. Business users have been able to continue using the interfaces they are comfortable with, whilst being reassured that their data is consistent and up to date.

Accuro will soon look to further improve their analytics capability and minimise semantic confusion. Central to this is the extension of their platform to include SAP Data Integrator, allowing them to build a centralised Data Warehouse. This step will further strengthen their ability to track business performance against strategic measures, continuing and increasing the benefits they have already begun to see.

The future is bright for Accuro and Zag is excited to be part of their continued journey in the analytics space. A new analytics strategy is central to this journey, and Zag will shortly be working with the team at Accuro to put this in place. The knowledge and expertise of the Zag team is seen as key, even beyond the technologies elements. “Zag is not only a provider for us. We see them as a trusted partner when it comes to support and training as well. We look to Zag to provide leadership and assistance with the direction of our analytics capabilities, and we enjoy working with them”, says Lenka. Zag will soon be conducting an assessment of analytics needs at Accuro, across five business units, as a preliminary stage in putting together this new strategy. With the basics well and truly cemented, for Accuro it’s now about maximising value and making sure they get the most out of their investments.

Accuro Health Insurance case study