The award recognises outstanding team culture within an organisation’s ICT team. Usually, this award is about recognising an internal ICT department but, as we’re an ICT consultancy, we put forward the whole Zag Team. So, this win recognises all 200 of us!

About this award:

With the industry challenged by skills shortages, fostering an excellent team culture and retaining and nurturing a diverse IT workforce can create a competitive advantage for the entire organisation. The aim is to celebrate organisations that recognise this and see recruitment, retention and training top talent as key part of the integral recipe for high performing IT teams.

… we couldn’t agree more!! This is us to a T.

CIO 2019 AWARDS 0208 ZAG Best ICT Team Culture

To achieve this accolade, Zag answered questions about our culture, values, leadership team, recruitment strategies and initiatives for fostering diversity and inclusion, which was reviewed by a panel of esteemed judges (CIOs and ICT industry leaders). This was supplemented by a group interview with six of our squad who shared personal examples and real experiences of our culture come to life.

Read more about our company initiatives and how we build team culture here.

Our values:

Earlier in the year, we included the whole company in an exercise to refresh our company values. We want to ensure our values represent the collaborative, inclusive and caring company we are – in our own words! So, what did our people have to say?


One of the questions we asked was, “If you were telling a friend why you love working at Zag, what would you say?”. So here it is, straight from the horse’s mouth!


We live and breathe what we do. And if we could bathe in it, we totally would. It’s more than just our job, it’s also our passion.

“The people are awesome; everyone here is an expert and they’re proud of what they do. We work with big companies and government agencies on projects that are important. The company invests a lot in its people, has flexible working arrangements, healthcare, training, conference. They want to support their people.”

“Very knowledgeable technical team to work with. Proud of the work they do and passionate about delivering good solutions. They make space for you to learn where you have gaps, support you with this and value your opinions.”

“The people that work here, that is the most important asset to the Zag brand.”

“We have the most amazing people at Zag. We are a diverse, professional, supportive team of experts, who never waiver to help our colleagues and customers.”

“It’s all about the people, they’re fantastic here!  From the very top of the organisation to the bottom, this place is just littered with brilliant people!  They’re superbly good at what they do and great to hang out with!”

“Easy going inclusive culture, interesting and challenging work, flexibility, room to develop your skills and feel part of an extended family.”


We do everything to do right by our customers, whatever it takes! Together we crush it! If something goes pear-shaped, we own it, roll up our sleeves and get it sorted.

“Cos we give a sh!t and get sh!t done, we support each other and have fun along the way; work hard, play hard!”

“You can set up your own challenges and people really support you to overcome those. If you want it, there is nothing to hold you back.”

“Great benefits, accommodating management style, progressive attitude, autonomy.”

“Projects are pretty diverse, well managed, great pool of resources.”

“They value and respect people. Everyone shares information and skills, and no one backstabs. People support each other. It has a positive future. The work is varied and interesting. I keep learning and growing.”

“You have such good teammates that actually embrace the challenges with you.”

“I love working at Zag because I believe I fit in the company culture, my teammates are not my colleagues but rather friends who will always extend hand to help you out.”


Heck yeah we care. We feed and water our culture so great people want to work for us…and they do. Our customers deserve the best. We always send our A team because we don’t have a B team.

“Zag is a small enough company to have a say in what is happening. Zag is a company that cares about customers and is honest and straight forward with their advice to them.”

Flexibility to work remotely. My knowledge and contribution are valued and welcomed. I can talk to any of the management team, they are approachable.”

“As an employee, you really matter to Zag’s leaders. They are interested in what you think and feel and how you’re doing. You are VISIBLE to them!”

“My manager cares and listens when you have issues or personal matters. You feel part of a team and are valued. Zag is the biggest and best SAP Partner in NZ and I am delighted to be part of this organisation.”

“Great place to work, really cares for the people, we do awesome projects!”


If trust was a superpower, our team would be superheroes. We empower our people to make the right calls. Knowledge is a gift, that’s why we share it around like a bag of lollies.

“The company has a trusted relationship with long-term clients who respect we act with integrity and their best interests [in mind].”

“Interesting work. Autonomy to get on with your work. Fun people to work with.”

“Interesting and challenging work, architects of our own success, great culture, accessibility to the leadership team.”

“You are trusted to deliver the results you are entrusted to do without micromanagement, but support is a phone call away if needed. The company tries hard (and succeeds in my opinion) to provide a great workplace for all employees.”

“The way the employees are treated in Zag they trust you empower you and also the flexibility to help you out with the work life balance is absolutely great at Zag.”

“I am treated with respect, offered flexible working arrangements, challenging work and feel supported at all times. I love the people I work with and the diversity in the office.”

Four of our employees have worked at Zag for over 20 years, watch what they have to say about our culture. 

Do you share the same values?  We’re always on the hunt for new people who fit our culture and are equally passionate about customer success. If this is you, check out our career openings here.