With the pace of innovation increasing, companies rely more and more on IT systems to help them transform their business strategies into business outcomes.

Consequently, SAP SuccessFactors has taken a comprehensive approach toward a solution that will drive successful business outcomes by constantly delivering updates and new functionality. To Enable this, solution is implemented in a Public cloud, that means that it is 100% managed by  a “cloud provider” (SAP), with updates automatically pushed to the systems on a defined timeline.

This approach presents unique challenges to the businesses that need to manage Quarterly Releases and potentially unscheduled fixes, both resource intense activities that require:

  1. Review of the content of the upcoming releasechange;
  2. Analysis of the impact of delivered changes on the organisation;
  3. Regression tests across multiple physical devices, to make sure the existing functionality is not affected.

Furthermore, during this time fixes are likely to be released and consequently will require a retest of impacted scenarios. Organisations are spending a lot of time on this repetitive task using skilled and valuable resources.

Being at the top of your game plays a key role in making sure your business will be able to quickly react to changes in market conditions. By automating your regression tests you can speed up your release cycles and free up your valuable resources to concentrate on process improvements by implementing new functionality delivered by SAP SuccessFactors.

Developed to run remotely in any region supported by a major cloud provider, the Zag platform can relieve your regression testing hassles no matter where you are.

The Zag regression testing platform goes beyond the basic function of making sure that changes have not broken any existing functionality. It takes into the consideration that every organisation is different and requires different approach. In a nutshell the Zag platform includes:

  1. High availability through all layers of the application, meaning no downtime.
  2. Scalability:
    1. Will scale up or shrink as demand changes to maintain cost efficiency.
    2. Can use highly specialised services and servers on demand to complete tasks more efficiently, while minimising cost to run
  3. The Zag platform is compatible with major testing frameworks, meaning it can be re-used for applications other than just SuccessFactors
  4. Security:
    1. Security measures have been built into every layer of the platform
    2. The most sensitive data is encrypted both in-transit and when stored
    3. Can be deployed in any location where major cloud providers have servers.

For more information on how automation of Regression Testing can work for you, contact the Zag team at info@zag.team