Last years’ hottest SAPPHIRE NOW announcement, SAP’s new suite of customer experience solutions named C/4HANA, has been strengthened, and extended to help close what SAP is calling the ‘Experience Gap’. 

  • 80% of CEOs think they deliver great customer outcomes, but only 8% of customers think they do – the Experience Gap. 
  • $1.6 Trillion USD in revenue is lost annually because businesses don’t meet customer’s needs – the Experience Economy. 

We know that data siloes are the enemy of a great customer experience. Winning in the Experience Economy is about bridging the gap between expectations and experiences, overcoming data silos that are creating gaps in the customer experience.  

What SAP hear the most from their customers is to unify the siloes through: 

  • End to end connected processes. 
  • Shared data objects. 
  • A truly single view of the customer as they move through their buyer journey. 

So, SAP’s innovation focus for C/4HANA is all about building a unified experience and extensibility program. SAP has been talking about this for quite some time, but this year, C/4HANA as a suite became a reality. 

The value of the C/4HANA suite is now more than the sum of its parts (five powerful cloud solutions for Sales, Marketing, Commerce, Service and Customer Data). 

The following seven core areas of innovation are what’s made SAP C/4HANA the strongest Customer Experience (CX) offering in the market:

End-to-End Processes 

  • Out-of-the-box integrations from customerfirst search experience to customer service request is fulfilled (and everything in-between). 
  • Initially launched for Direct Manufacturing and High Tech (other industries are following soon). 

This takes care of one of the biggest cost drivers to accelerated innovation. Integration typically eats up approximately 40% of total project effortsThis can now be invested in great experiences. 

Master Data Services 

Data slows you down when you don’t have the same data shared across your customer experienceSome businesses report having 15-98 different silos of customer data.  

SAP is now removing these silos by creating common data objects for a single view on all of your data. The first one is: 

  • Customer master data service – one unified view and one record for each customer across systems. 
  • Release in August 2019 
  • Other identities will come soon (order, ticket, product, and so on). 

Platform Services

SAP has announced the availability of SAP C/4HANA Foundation which will improve developer and system administrator experience in implementing cloud solutions from SAP, making it quicker and easier. 

SAP C/4HANA Foundation will be automatically deployed to all customers of SAP C/4HANA completely free of charge and includes: 

  • A cockpit as single-entry point for administrators and developers to view implemented solutions and subscribed applications (manage all 5 clouds as 1 comprehensive suite). 
  • A console to authenticate new users and manage user authorisations (15 common foundational services). 
  • Extensibility options running on SAP Cloud Platform Extension Factory. 


Extensibility & Integration 

  • Java ABAP .net and other skills were previously needed, making extensibility costly. Now there is a common capability extension framework, all via SAP Cloud Platform (SCP). 
  • General admission with a common extensibility framework ‘Cloud Platform Extension Factory’ enables you to extend any of the C/4HANA solutions in the same consistent way. 
  • Build extensions as modern microservices. 


Harmonized UX 

  • SAP is revamping the UX entirely. 
  • Already four releases into this, simplifying and harmonising, mobilefirst modern theme (a.k.a. Fiori 3) with AIinfused workflows. 
  • Marketing cloud is the latest view of what it will look like.  


Collaboration Services 

  • Native collaboration services via SAP RUUM collaboration rooms and all changes are happening on the live data. 


Unified Profile 

Was part of the roadmap, now reality! 

  • SAP is taking (trusted) data, relevant, personalised, enriched by X (experience) and O (operations) data, contextualised, SAP and non-SAP sources, from unknown to known. 
  • Real-time, contextual and holistic customer profile. 
  • Leveraging Machine Learning (ML). 
  • Match the right engagement with the right content in real-time. 


C/4HANA customers around the world are adopting these innovations rapidly.  

Read more about C/4HANA innovations in our short eBook ‘Is SAP delivering on the Intelligent Enterprise and helping customers win in the Experience Economy?’ along with other SAP product roadmaps and innovation fulfilments to date.  

Intelligent Enterprise case study

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