Which business solutions are the right fit for your business?

There are a huge number of different business software solutions out there. SAP themselves have a variety of solutions to suit a broad range of NZ businesses. So, with all this choice, how do you know which solutions will best fit your business model and needs?  

Take our questionnaire to help you assess different SAP products and their suitability for your specific business.

Simply making the best choice for your business

Every business is different. And we understand that it can be very overwhelming and time consuming trying to assess and make sense of the suitability of products to your specific business. That’s why we’ve designed a questionnaire to help you decipher the best options for you.

Our online questionnaire will step you through a list of questions aimed at evaluating the importance of key business functions to your business. Areas such as Finance, Marketing, Commerce and HR are all touched on, and based on your answers, we will match your specific requirements to a select group of  of SAP products that Soltius supports.

When you’ve completed the questionnaire, we’ll email you immediately with a summary of the SAP products that could be suitable for your business. Your business may be a match to one or a combination of these products depending on your organisational needs and functions.

Completing the questionnaire takes just a few minutes – and could save you and your company weeks in the evaluation process.

Tips on things to consider when assessing your best SAP solution:

  • What aspects of your business provide you with a competitive advantage – e.g. if end-to-end customer service is a key factor, then your digital system should enable you to provide this better, faster than anyone else.
  • Do you have specific needs or issues with legacy systems that are impacting productivity and performance? If so, then the ability of the new platform to streamline these processes is key.
  • What you’re willing to compromise on – if you choose a solution that has 80% of what you need in a certain area, can you compromise on the 20% and still achieve what you need?  This relates to getting solutions ‘out of the box’ versus customised to the needs of your business.


Ensure you’re getting the very best solution for your business by taking our short questionnaire. Let us help you assess the different SAP products and their suitability for your business.