It’s time to take a good look at ‘digital transformation’ and what it really means. Chances are that if you’re involved in business, regardless of industry, you’re bound to have heard of ‘digital transformation’ and its importance in business today. Admittedly, in New Zealand this transformation is still in its early stages, but businesses will need to get on board soon to keep up with global trends, processes and expectations.

So, what is ‘digital transformation’? The term seems to have been so overused it’s meaning has been lost for most people. In this blog, we introduce our eBook which redefines what ‘digital transformation’ means in a Kiwi business context and shares how we at Soltius, see New Zealand businesses responding to the need to transform ‘digitally’.

Want to learn more about what digital transformation really means?


Defining digital transformation

Is ‘digital transformation’ effectively just another synonym for ‘IT Project’ or does it describe a loftier vision? If it’s a concept for the visionary leader of an organisation to drive forward, what does it actually look like in practice?

One thing is for sure – ‘digital transformation no longer sits solely in the realm of the Silicon Valley cool-set. It is becoming a necessary exercise for every business, in every industry, if they are to survive in this brave new world of digital disruption and never-before-seen business models.

We believe that digital transformation is about doing things faster, better, and more intelligently to meet increasing customer expectations and to grab opportunities before your competitors do.

Globally, we’re observing a massive gap between companies that consider themselves digitally sophisticated and their actual current realities. In New Zealand, true digital transformation is still in its infancy and the rate of digital transformation varies greatly by industry sector.

In our eBook:

  • We look at the fundamental driver behind the need for digital transformation – the consumer
  • We discuss the key digital trends that are impacting New Zealand businesses
  • We show how the most successful companies are responding
  • And we explore how different functions of your business can be transformed by adopting intelligent and agile digital processes and technologies.

We hope you can use this eBook to help put into context digital projects you may already have in development and provide focus for future initiatives – to ensure your business is equipped to survive and thrive in the digital age. 

Download our eBook “Bridging the ‘Digital Transformation’ Divide” to learn more about what digital transformation really means, and how New Zealand businesses can achieve it.