This blog features commentary from Jan Devereux, Head of Customer Value for Zag part of Accenture, on Accenture’s 2021 Technology Vision for SAP Solutions Driving Change Leading with the SAP Ecosystem.

Don’t wait for the new normal. Build it with SAP technologies.

SAP technologies and solutions can provide a foundation for the business agility, connectivity, sustainability and innovation that’s now essential.

That includes the pivotal role SAP solutions play in flexible API-driven architecture, multi-cloud technology stacks and multi-party systems, as well as support for key business capabilities such as real-time finance insights, end-to-end supply chain visibility via massive networks of digital twins, and digital continuity throughout the organisation.

It also includes the way SAP solutions integrate with no-code/low-code platforms to enable all business users to innovate with technology, and integrations with collaboration platforms like Microsoft Teams to support flexible remote working environments.

The five trends set out in Accenture’s 2021 Technology Vision report explore how key aspects of the consumer, business, and technology landscape are changing in the post-pandemic world – and how SAP solutions can support the greater flexibility, agility, and organisational speed now required.

Master these five trends to become leaders of change:

  1. Stack Strategically: Architecting a Better Future with SAP technologies – A new era of industry competition is dawning – one where companies compete on their IT systems architecture.

What’s happening?

  • Business and technology strategies are becoming indistinguishable
  • The proliferation of technology options and customisations across the technology stack
  • Businesses are making choices today that determine what they can and cannot do tomorrow
  • The technology stack is now a key opportunity for competitive advantage

89% globally, and 91% of ANZ executives agree that their organisation’s ability to generate business value will increasingly be based on the limitations and opportunities of our technology architecture*

The focus is on:

  • API driven architectures – potentially multi-cloud and take a flexible “plug and play” approach
  • Achieving speed to market – eCommerce, app development, analytics, continuous innovation and deployments
  • Insights to action – a unified approach and data governance is key to enabling an enterprise-wide version of the truth

Learn more about stacking strategically and what SAP technologies you can use to do so here.

  1. Mirrored World: The Power of Massive, Intelligent, Digital Twins Leaders are building intelligent digital twins to create living models of factories, supply chains, product lifecycles, and more.

What’s happening?

  • As businesses thread digital technology throughout their operations, huge new sources of data are being unlocked which are fueling massive networks of intelligent digital twins
  • This mirrored world enables businesses to simulate, predict, and automate what they do like never before, enabling them to refocus on end-to-end supply chain resilience

65% globally, and 65% of ANZ executives expect their organisation’s investment in intelligent digital twins to change over the next 3 years*

The focus is on:

  • End-to-end visibility – digital threads integrating real-time processes and data
  • Digital continuity – join the digital threads, and
  • Enhanced forecasting & predictive capabilities – to perform intelligent what-if simulations

Learn more about how you can leverage digital twins using SAP technologies here.

  1. I, Technologist: The Democratisation of Technology – Powerful capabilities are now available to people across business functions, adding a grassroots layer to enterprises’ innovation strategies.

What’s happening?

  • Today’s advanced digital technologies are far more accessible than in the past
  • It’s now possible to spark “grassroots innovation” across the business by enabling people to build technology solutions at the point of need

90% globally, and 89% of ANZ executives agree their organisations are equipping their people with tools of technology democratisation are building the foundation for greater agility now and in the future*

The focus is on:

  • Breaking down barriers between business and technology – make everyone a core part of digital transformation
  • Building consumer-grade workplace experiences – with consumer-like interfaces and low-code and no-code solutions to accelerate application development
  • Infuse automation and intelligence into business processes – to accelerate repetitive activity and increase efficiency

Learn more about how you can democratise SAP technologies and make everyone part of your digital transformation here.

  1. Anywhere, Everywhere: Bring Your Own Environment – The single biggest workforce shift in living memory has positioned businesses to expand the boundaries of the enterprise.

What’s happening?

  • The COVID-19 pandemic forced the world into perhaps the biggest shift in ways of working in living memory.
  • Companies can now choose how best to capitalise on the newly equipped virtualised workforce, enabling their people to drive change from anywhere and everywhere.

91% of Global and ANZ executives agree that when access to powerful technology capabilities reaches throughout the organisation, every employee can be an active, and vital, part of the digital transformation effort*

The focus is on:

  • Flexible work environments – to let people work wherever they want
  • Consistent user interfaces and ways of interacting with the technology stack – cutting the cognitive load and prevent the proliferation of application portals
  • Using Qualtrics® solutions to understand and act on employee sentiment about your user experiences – take human collaboration to the next stage of its evolution

Learn more about adapting to the new world of virtualised work with SAP technology here.

  1. From Me to We: A Multiparty System’s Path Through Chaos The demand for contact tracing, frictionless payments, and new ways of building trust brought into sharp focus what had been left undone with enterprises’ existing ecosystems.

What’s happening?

  • The business environment is now more demanding than ever, and the opportunities are complex
  • Few businesses can hope to tackle them alone
  • From supply chains to digital ecosystems, connecting via multi-party systems will be essential in rebuilding and renewing for the future

89% of Global and 91% of ANZ executives agree that Multi-party systems are poised to become the centre of commerce, supply chain and all other transactions amongst partners and customers*

The focus is on:

  • Understanding which platforms your business users and customers leaned on most in the last year – explore collaboration opportunities to build unique digital products
  • Keep abreast of the multiparty systems emerging in your industry – start evaluating the business case for participation
  • Think beyond the walls of the organisation – assess how solutions such as SAP Business Network might enable better collaboration and greater supply chain responsiveness

Learn more about using SAP Platforms and Portals to connect Growers/Sellers/Traders/Buyers here.

The five trends of Accenture’s Technology Vision for SAP Solutions 2021 all point to ways that leading organisations are pushing a digital-first mindset across their businesses and are starting to become Masters of Change.

They are no longer competing strictly for market share.

They’re competing to build their vision of the future – and to build it faster than the competition.

With a clear-eyed perspective on the opportunities and challenges ahead, and a willingness to reimagine how the organization operates – its people, its technology architecture, its data, and its partner ecosystems – we believe every business has the opportunity to emerge as a leader.

The question everyone is facing is;

  • will you watch the world change around you? Or
  • will you be the one leading it?

When the winds of change blow, some people build walls. Others build windmills.” – Chinese proverb

*Source: Accenture Technology Vision 2021 Business and IT Executive Survey. Global N=6,241. ANZ N=360