The ability to subscribe to ‘managed services’ is one of the major benefits of the cloud for companies today. Instead of hosting or managing non-core business systems themselves, forward-thinking organisations the world over are subscribing to ‘…as-a-service’ offerings. But the simple managed services model won’t cut it anymore – you need next generation managed services.

Introducing Soltius Horizon.

Receive full service and lifecycle management for enterprise cloud environments with our next generation managed services offering. Available for all workloads and service levels, make the most of automated infrastructure and service management to free your team from the fire fighting.

Customer benefits?

Well-managed and reliable IT services.

What problem does it solve?

The need for you to host and/or manage systems or services that aren’t part of your core business.

What value is derived?

Guaranteed service availability and uptime.

What you’ll receive:

  • World-class managed services
  • The freedom to focus on what your business does best.


Find out more about Soltius Horizon by clicking here.

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