Automation and the cloud go hand-in-hand. In fact, in order to fully realise the benefits of the cloud, automation is an absolute must. All the major benefits routinely highlighted by providers like AWS (such as cost management, elasticity and scalability) can only be fully exploited through automation. Without automation all you’ve really got is fancy infrastructure in the cloud.

To explain, let’s take the example of using the cloud to automate the deployment of new servers. Automation in the cloud will effectively enable you to take this process from weeks and sometimes months to a matter of minutes and seconds. The normal process would include procuring the server, receiving it, racking it up, installing the OS and having an engineer manually log in and provision all the software and configuration from a run book (which they hopefully follow to the letter and which is hopefully up to date in the first place!). With the cloud, you can take out several of those middle steps – it literally becomes as easy as a click and you’ve got your new server, with the software and exact configuration you need.

But the point is not simply to automate your IT processes in the cloud – it’s to automate first and see automation as a foundation stone for your new ecosystem. If you do, you’ll be empowered to transform your IT department and cut out the mundane, manual tasks that prevent you from delivering greater value.

The cloud offers you a better way to work – get ahead of the curve, stop firefighting and address the root cause of problems through automation. Reduce human error and the need for dedicated resources on things that aren’t your core business.

Introducing Soltius GearShift.

GearShift provides you with the tools you need to make deploying and managing cloud environments easier. Based on Soltius’ proven methodology and framework, GearShift will enable your IT department to become the agile, value-adding task force the business needs.

Gain a faster path to better cloud management – by adopting our proven tools and frameworks, and enjoy lower TCO with better management and operational models.

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