The day one theme of SAPPHIRE NOW is undoubtably Experience Management (XM), but they’re not just talking Customer Experience (CX). This year, SAP are focusing on employee experience too. And it doesn’t end there.

Experience Management – It’s all in the Data

Just three months after completing its acquisition of Qualtrics, a private research software company, SAP has rolled out 10 new offerings that combine Experience Data (X-data) with Operational Data (O-data). This is to measure and improve the four core experiences of business — customer, employee, product and brand, providing organisations with an end-to-end XM platform.

“We want everyone to remember their X’s and O’s,” said SAP CEO Bill McDermott in his keynote presentation. “Experience Management is the new frontier for the world’s best-run businesses. I have never seen SAP more fired up to help our customers be a driving force for growth, innovation and optimism.”


Of the 10 new offerings announced at SAPPHIRE NOW 2019, four are within customer experience (CX), three are for employee experience and three are in market research. X-data is embedded directly into an enterprise’s applications, such as its CRM, ERP or HCM systems, to drive continuous action and improvement.

For companies to be the best run version of themselves, the trick is to understand how X-data and O-data work together as they tell the story of what is happening in an organisation, why it’s happening and how to act in real time to deliver business results. The combination enables businesses to continuously listen to the emotions and intentions of customers, employees, suppliers and other stakeholders.

Experience Management with C/4HANA

For Customer Experience, SAP has introduced XM to the SAP C/4HANA suite, creating four powerful cloud solutions for sales, marketing, commerce and service experience management. This provides an end-to-end customer experience platform, allowing companies to listen, understand and act on insights that will drive purchasing decisions and customer loyalty.

Employee Experience Management – Qualtrics Solutions

For Employee XM, SAP has introduced three solutions that will transform existing HR platforms into enterprise-wide systems of action. Built directly into existing HR systems such as SAP SuccessFactors HCM Suite, the solutions gather X-data from employees throughout the entire employee lifecycle. They surface predictive and personal insights based on employee feedback and will empower HR managers to act on insights that will attract, engage and retain a world-class workforce.

No company can win without an engaged, motivated, healthy workforce” said SAP SuccessFactors President Greg Tomb. “The fact that we can now connect operational HR data from SAP SuccessFactors solutions with employee experience data from SAP Qualtrics solutions is very exciting for us. We are thrilled to launch these new solutions for our customers to help them compete and win in the experience economy.”

HR leaders can now embed experience data into their operational systems and business processes to more deeply understand, predict and act to transform employee experiences. The three solutions introduced to SAP’s portfolio are as follows:

  • SAP Qualtrics Employee Engagement: This solution pinpoints experience, engagement and productivity drivers. Powered by intelligent analytics, it analyses open text responses and runs statistical analyses to predict the biggest engagement and impact drivers, such as company benefits or manager-employee relationships. Managers gain access to role-based dashboards that contain focus areas and insights on where they can drive improvements for their individual teams.
  • SAP Qualtrics Employee Lifecycle: This solution delivers real-time and actionable insights on employee experiences across the entire employee journey. It leverages expert content from Qualtrics XM Solutions to provide onboarding and exit content, workflow and automations that can be built directly into an existing HCM system. Leaders can leverage it to create and understand personalised employee experiences by triggering surveys at specific milestones, such as first-day onboarding, training, promotion, exit and more.
  • SAP Qualtrics Employee Benefits Optimiser: This first-of-its-kind solution uses a choice-based conjoint methodology to quickly identify the ideal benefits and compensation packages for a company’s unique culture and budget. Using employee feedback, the solution simulates benefit trade-offs employees are willing to make, offers guided configurability and delivers real-time trends and reports on the most impactful and optimal benefits packages.


SAP Expand App portfolio through Apple Partnership

SAP today announced its partnership with Apple to bring SAP customers next generation iOS business apps powered by Machine Learning (ML).

CORE ML®, Apple’s on-device ML technology, will be available for the first time as part of the SAP Cloud Platform Software Development Kit (SDK) for iOS, helping developers to easily build custom iOS apps for enterprise. ML models automatically download to iPhone® and iPad® so apps can run offline, and then update while connected to SAP Cloud Platform. By June, custom iOS apps will be able to be powered by SAP Leonardo.

SAP has already rebuilt its popular mobile apps for SAP SuccessFactors and SAP Concur solutions, to run natively on iOS. These apps are fully integrated with iPhone and iPad, to maximise security, performance and the latest platform innovations from Apple. SAP aims to expand its native iOS experience across its wider applications portfolio, starting with SAP Ariba solutions.

Due to its success so far, SAP will expand its app offering to Mac® which will bring the richness of the iOS experience to the desktop world.

“Apple is on the rise in the enterprise,” said Bill McDermott, CEO of SAP. “Our customers love the unmatched security and ease of use iOS is known for, and that it gives them a superior platform to build game-changing business apps. We have a strong partnership, and today’s announcements show SAP’s commitment to continue our innovation with Apple.”


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