SAP’s flagship annual conference SAPPHIRE NOW is just around the corner and our Soltians couldn’t be more excited to get amongst the action! SAPPHIRE NOW is always an exciting conference where industry leaders and early adopters in the SAP world present on major technology trends and the latest breakthroughs in SAP solutions.

Here’s what our people are looking forward to learning at SAPPHIRE NOW and what they’re expecting to get out of it for our clients

Nick Mulcahy
Chief Executive Officer

“At SAPPHIRE NOW, SAP always showcase their latest ideas; from the past 2-3 years of Labs work, to products now available for download. We attend the conference to understand what the pipeline of innovation looks like, and moreover, which developments are applicable for the New Zealand market. Unfortunately, being so far away from SAPPHIRE NOW, not many of our customers get to go, so the next step for us is to take the most relevant and pertinent material and deliver it to our customers, both in one-on-ones, and through our Post-SAPPHIRE NOW Update seminars.

Jan Devereux
Customer Solutions Manager

“I’ll be looking for the innovative jewels from SAP and Partners, garnering meaningful insights to bring back for our New Zealand customers to share at our Soltius Post-SAPPHIRE NOW UpdatesI’ll be hunting down what’s real vs. still in the early concept stage, particularly around machine learning, automation, IOT and blockchain. I aim to get a real sense of the solutions that are applicable and scalable to the demands of New Zealand customers; understanding what can be implemented now, and when the rest will be available in our region. I’ll also be focusing on industry specifics, particularly Consumer Goods, Retail, Utilities and Manufacturing”.

Warrick Johnston
GM of Innovation

“Id like to understand more thoroughly how SAP will be fulfilling the future needs of our customers, particularly in the retail and agricultural/environmental space. I’d also like to explore what cool new connected devices in the marketplace are enabling businesses to further utilise their SAP investments. Some of our innovation focus will be around all things that are “connected devices” (IoT), so itll be great learning how SAP, partners and users have had successes and quick wins transforming their business with IoT. At SAPPHIRE NOW, I’ll also take the opportunity to explore channels and partnerships for our MyPM Asset Maintenance solution on the global stage”.

Craig Bennett
Technologies Manager

“For me the conference is primarily an opportunity to showcase our MyPM SAP Mobile Plant Maintenance solution to the world. We have a Soltius booth at SAPPHIRE NOW for the first time and I’m really looking forward to talking to SAP practitioners and seeing their reaction to MyPM. I anticipate there will be plenty of inspiration arising from key SAP sessions, and I expect to hear a lot about what’s coming next for our customers”.

Stuart McMinn
Enterprise Architect

“SAPPHIRE is a unique opportunity for attendees to learn about new SAP technologies and product innovations. I’m looking forward to seeing firsthand how SAP is evolving its current solutions, and deploying new ones, to remain not only relevant but innovative and future focused. I want to see how they plan to provide world class, leading edge business solutions that enable Soltius to guide our current and future customers on their SAP digital journey. I’m excited to share these insights with our New Zealand customers on my return at our Post SAPPHIRENOW Update seminars.”

Cam Millar
Account Manager

“I’m keen to see how New Zealand SAP users will benefit from future technologies. I want to learn what SAP has available that will help alleviate some of our customer’s pain points, and not just problems they are experiencing now, but pain points they are likely to feel as their industries continue to be affected by digital disruption. I’m also looking forward to hearing about global customer’s digital transformations journeys, so I can take away some best practice tips, and pass these on to my customers”.

Glenda Godfrey
Account Manager

“I’m looking forward to picking up some key insights to help my customers map out their digital transformation journeys, and I’m expecting to hear a lot of talk about thriving in the ‘digital economy’. I’m also looking forward to finding out as much as I can about where SAP is headed, so we at Soltius can continue to provide great strategic advice around future roadmaps for customers”.

If you see any Soltians there, whether it be at our MyPM booth or out and about, be sure to tap them on the shoulder.

If you can’t attend SAPPHIRE NOW this year, don’t fret – Soltius will be hosting Post-SAPPHIRE NOW Update event in Auckland and Wellington. These seminars are aimed at getting our clients and other Kiwis up to speed on the key topics discussed at SAPPHIRE NOW, and importantly, to clarify what innovations in the SAP and tech world truly mean for New Zealand businesses NOW.

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