Six Soltians have arrived in Orlando for SAP’s flagship annual conference and are jumping straight into the global SAP Partner Summit to bring you the first wave of SAPPHIRE NOW announcements! 

Our team have captured the key announcements from the Partner Summit keynote speakers as summarised below;

Doing Good is Good for Purpose-driven Culture

It’s official! SAP has released their first social purpose: ‘Helping the World Run Better’.
Soltius CEO, Nick Mulcahy, thinks this is a great move from SAP and commented on how well this aligns to the Soltius social purpose of ‘Helping Kiwis live better, work smarter and prosper on the global stage’.



SAP and Partners work together to help the best-run businesses make the world run better.

Intelligent Enterprise 

As anticipated, ‘Intelligent’ is going to be the big buzzword at this years event and the heart of SAP’s strategy going forward.

But what does Intelligent Enterprise really mean to SAP? Our Customer Solutions Manager, Jan Devereux, explains; 



Each year SAP release a new diagram to clarify their strategic approach going forward. Below, you can see the three key themes of Intelligent Suite, Digital Platform and Intelligent Technologies put in context;


Stay tuned for more news and announcements from SAPPHIRE NOW on our live feed here.