Reseller News has announced the finalists of the Innovation Awards in 2019.

The awards honour the best resellers, partners and vendors in the software/technologies industry across eight categories, including; Emerging Technologies, Partner Value, Homegrown Innovators, Vendor Value, Distributor Value, Entrepreneurship, Channel Choice and Hall of Fame.

Zag is a finalist in the ‘Emerging Technologies – Digital Transformation’ and ‘Partner Value – Enterprise Partner’ categories.

Emerging Technologies – Digital Transformation

Finalists in this category are partners that have delivered on the promise of digital transformation in the context of the customer. Partners will have transformed the business of a customer through adopting a digital-centric approach, delivering on key end-user requirements and outcomes in the process.

One of Zag’s largest Public Sector clients traditionally followed a very manual, paper-based process to serving its customers, an inefficient process that frustrated the public and employees. They were limited by business centre hours and the sheer volume of paper to lift and be processed created a health and safety hazard to employees.

Zag partnered with this organisation to digitally transform its customer service operations. Together, we provided online services via an end-to-end eCommerce solution that works 24/7 on any device. We also developed custom mobile applications to support downstream fulfilment of the solution.

Processing capacity, employee efficiency and customer satisfaction have increased significantly, with the platform providing great potential for further innovation in digitised services.

Partner Value – Enterprise Partner

This award honours partners servicing customers in the 1000+ seat market. Finalists have demonstrated prowess as an enterprise focused partner, placing an emphasis on how the business has provided innovation and customer value.

Mobility is a top priority for enterprises, and a challenge for many of our customers with large user bases. The demand for enterprise mobility grows as consumer applications and personal mobile usage increase.

Zag has delivered value to customers through transformative enterprise apps that are adored by end-users. Apps so good, users pick them up in their own time. Our customers’ employees are more engaged and productive, not to mention mobile, visible and safe.

More about Zag –                                                  

Zag (formerly known as Soltius) is an enterprise software solutions partner that does things differently. We are known for going above and beyond for our customers every day, challenging ourselves to innovate and create better ways of doing things. While others zig, we Zag.

Serving Australasian enterprises and Public Organisations, Zag has a long track record of success delivering complex SAP Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), cloud and mobility projects. We have an award-winning culture that attracts talent from across the globe, enabling us to deliver world-class services and niche products to solve our customers’ mission critical SAP challenges.

Zag brings thought leadership, implementation capability and in-depth knowledge of client systems and partner solutions. When there are gaps or limitations in our partner’s offerings, we develop unique apps and custom solutions to fit customer requirements. Apps so good and so transformative, they are now sold around the world.

Our methods are simple. Build solid and trustworthy relationships to create clever solutions and lasting results for our clients. We know that businesses must have a partner who understands their needs to guarantee results. It’s common sense that seems to be not-so-common.