Two of Soltius’ top Cloud Architects (both certified AWS experts that kick-ass!) are in Las Vegas now, sending us back the latest information, insights and highly anticipated releases REALTIME from AWS re:Invent 2017.

For clients and prospects, we’re now re:Introducing the key releases, new offerings and all major announcements from re:Invent day 1 & 2, that are relevant for the NZ market. 

New Amazon Aurora capabilities

Igor Gentil, Cloud Architect at Soltius, said the most significant development he’s seen is the introduction of new features for Amazon’s Aurora database analytics engine, including Multi-Master“It is now fully certified for hybrid workloads, and can deliver top price/performance metrics securely for relational databases. One of the new features is region-wide multimapping, which means where clusters once had one master node which could read and write, while others could only read, you can now have multiple masters.”

This is important, explained Gentil, because most of our NZ and SAP customers have hybrid workloads, and many have unpredictable capacity requirements. “Aurora Serverless delivers far greater flexibility and ability for the database to go up and down in response to demand. It also means Aurora can automatically scale to orders of magnitude bigger than any competitors – and with multi-region clusters, our multinational customers can have globally distributed hybrid applications. This is a real game-changer with immediate benefit.”


Amazon Aurora Multi-Master is the first relational database service to scale out both reads and writes across multiple data centers for applications with rigorous performance and availability needs.

Amazon Aurora Serverless provides database capacity that starts, scales, and shuts down with application workload. Customers no longer have to manage database capacity and can pay by the second for database use.

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New AWS Competencies in Machine Learning, Big Data and IoT

With so much hype around machine learning and the internet of things, Joseph said it is these announcements which have immediate applicability in the ANZ region. “With ten or so new products and services in ML and IoT, AWS is looking to democratise these capabilities. It’s a common complaint from customers that they want to put ML or IoT to work, but the bar is too high, the skills are too inaccessible, especially when you’re talking to customers in the regions.”

AWS is, he said, doing for ML and IoT what it did for virtualisation and servers over the course of the past decade. “The new capabilities mean you could get started today and have ML models up and running in 10 or 15 minutes. AWS has signaled its intent to bring everything into the cloud – data from the smallest devices, with minute amounts of data. It’s an interesting development for a company in the virtual world, extending so directly into the ‘real world’.”


“ML is the Everest – it’s awesome, big and beautiful, but to date only the best could climb it. What AWS is doing now is creating a gondola which goes straight to the top. ANZ will benefit hugely from that” says Gentil.

New AWS Competencies in Machine Learning, Big Data and IoT

Introducing AWS GuardDuty – Intelligent security for AWS at scale

“Finally, a brand new service was announced – AWS GuardDuty. This was described as an Intelligent Threat Detection at Scale” states Joseph. It continuously monitors for malicious or unauthorized behaviour to help you protect your AWS accounts and workloads. 

Enabled with a few clicks in the AWS Management Console, Amazon GuardDuty can immediately begin analysing billions of events across your AWS accounts for signs of risk. GuardDuty identifies suspected attackers through integrated threat intelligence feeds and uses ML to detect anomalies in account and workload activity. 

It does not require you to deploy and maintain software or security infrastructure, meaning it can be enabled quickly with no risk of negatively impacting existing application workloads. Joseph elaborates, “there are no upfront costs with GuardDuty, no software to deploy, and no threat intelligence feeds required. Customers only pay for the events analysed by GuardDuty.”

AWS has famously focused on continually bringing costs and prices down. However, Gentil says the advantage with this vendor doesn’t rest in reduced pricing – because cost is only one component of value. Instead, “AWS is not just a cheaper option. It is about elevating and accelerating innovation with the cloud. With AWS, all the innovation you need, and probably a lot more, happens in the infrastructure automatically. This means your business can focus on the very sharp end and innovate where you can create a competitive advantage.”

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Introducing AWS GuardDuty - Intelligent security for AWS at scale