At Zag, we believe our diverse workforce of people who bring project experience from all over the world is a key factor in us being the leading SAP player in New Zealand. Our award-winning culture attracts the best talent from across the world – and we’re looking for more of that talent right now! 

The opportunity ahead is huge for Zag – not just in New Zealand but in our Australian offices and beyondAlthough we have an excellent retention rate – twice as good as the industry average, we’re in growth mode to meet this demand and are looking for the right people in all corners of the world to help make it happen. 

Have you ever dreamt about living in a country where you’re never too far from golden sandy beaches, lush green bush, snowy mountains and the hustle and bustle of city life? Have you always wanted to work for a company that actually lives its values and invests heavily in its people and culture? Then Zag and New Zealand could be the right move for you.  

But don’t just take my word for it! 


Zag international recruits – their story

In this video, four of Zag’s international recruits – Chance, Cristina, Nadine and Naveen share their heartwarming story of being recruited by Zag and making the move to New Zealand with their families.




Please note the following blog copy consists of testimonial quotes from the video above. Feel free to watch the video or read the script below – whichever suits you the most. 


Naveen Kumar, Architect in the HCM team at Zag says “As a newcomer to Zag coming from overseas, right from the whole recruitment process, the support has always been there 

Right from understanding what the visa process is like, the country, the lifestyle and the work culture – I had enough information right from the day that I landed. 

He elaborates, “I was given the right information, enough and more advice in terms of what to look for, where to look for housing, what to do over the weekend and where to go for good food. So, the whole thing helped us settle in quite quickly. 

From the induction that you go through to the buddy system, it was a feeling of family initially as we came in. Everyone chipped in to make sure I feel comfortable.” 

Naveen joined Zag from Singapore in January 2019. 

Nadine Coetzee, Junior Consultant in the HCM team explains, “[Being recruited by Zag] definitely exceeded my expectations. I had an airport shuttle pick up, I had accommodation when I was looking for a rental and then also support in understanding that I wanted to go back to South Africa to collect my family.” 

“What sold me was the culture of Zag and just the caring for people. 

Coming to Zag, there are so many people who have gone through the big move, coming to a new country and just the complete life change. So, everyone’s really supportive and interested in what you’re going through and ready to offer advice and stories. It really feels like they are going on this journey with you – it’s really cool. 

What I found at Zag is, it’s a home away from home which is pretty much all you need when you are making such a big move.” 

Nadine joined Zag from South Africa in August 2019. 

Cristina Bernardi Ramalho, the Lead Architect of the Analytics team in Aucklandshares the same experience of being recruited by Zag and moving to New Zealand. 

“I felt very supported by Zag, they gave me the freedom and the space to work things my way, but, at the same time they were there for me if I had a question. 

When we arrived at the hotel room there was a box full of local foods and candies, a welcome card. So, it was quite nice because I wasn’t expecting that, and it made me feel even more welcome than I already was.” 

Cristina joined Zag from Brazil in May 2016. 

Chance Sy, Business Line Manager of the Basis team says I already had a glimpse of the projects and the things that I am going to do come day one which kept me engaged with the company and gave me a bit of stability that hey, day one is going to be great.” 

Chance says that Zag’s values were really evident to him, right from the beginning. “When I was joining around the early parts of the year, I had to look after my newborn son, 3 months old and took some time off. And it really struck me that the openness and care for the employees are there, the flexibility of Zag to be able to move things around for those particular moments in my life.” 

At Zag, we’re big on living our values – we trust each other, we care about each other, we are passionate about what we do and we get it done to the highest standard. 

Chance joined Zag from the Philipines in September 2012. 

Interested in joining Chance, Cristina, Naveen and Nadine here at Zag? 

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