On the 10th September, the Finance, Innovation and Tech Fest event in Sydney kicks off, celebrating ‘the people, technology, ideas and innovations transforming financial and accounting processes’.

People from across New Zealand and Australia will converge at the Hilton Sydney to glean insights from global executives that have used technology in innovative ways to overcome common hurdles that many of us face in our own businesses. Soltius PreSales Architect Sandra Kirsch fills us in on what to expect. 

What is the event about? 

The Finance, Innovation and Tech Fest looks at the interesting ways businesses in the SAP space are improving their finance operations, using technology such as Analytics, AI and Machine Learning. I’m looking forward to hearing examples from global companies that are really pushing the boundaries in their fields and seeing how analytics impacts on the finance function for better outcomes and decision making. 

Which sessions are you most interested in attending? 

Red Bull’s VP Finance Tomasz Nowakowski will be speaking on the transformation from traditional finance functions to a ‘True Business Partnership’. I’m looking forward to hearing how a large company such as Red Bull has managed to free up their finance team so they can forecast the future instead of always looking at the past. This is a very common issue facing many NZ businesses. 

Ryan den Rooijen of Dyson (UK) will be giving a talk called “Business Intelligence is Dead, Long Live Intelligent Business”. Dyson are a leader in their market and have achieved success very quickly, so it will be fascinating to get a insight into some of the leadership thinking behind that growth. I would like to hear how Dyson have educated the wider business on the use of analytics and how they have created meaningful reports that add value and generate ROI. 


I believe we can learn a lot from each other by keeping an eye on what is happening in the market and having open conversations around the challenges and successes we have had. Which is why networking at the event is an important component for me. Ultimately, I’m here to gain knowledge and ideas for how to tackle the issues our clients face and help the go beyond the ordinary. 

To find out more about the Finance, Innovation and Tech Fest event, check out the website.