We are excited to share that Zag is a finalist for the CIO Awards, Best ICT Team Culture category, and would like to thank every member of the Zag team for their contribution in making our culture exactly what it is – award winning.

As an ICT consultancy, our people are our brand. Last year, we rebranded from Soltius to Zag to reflect our growing international identity as a tight-knit, high-preforming team who do things differently.

What’s important to us? That’s easy – customer success. All our ICT team members are consultants who thrive on working directly with our customers. This is a key skill we hire for! Our purpose is delivering enterprise solutions that enable our customers to become early adopters, scale their business and perform on a global stage to international standards.

We’ve grown from humble New Zealand beginnings to a large team of over 200, with offices in Australia and the US. A big part of the value we deliver to customers is bringing thought leadership and innovation from our global partner network to the ANZ market, which is why we look for the best talent from around the world.

We take pride in doing things differently, and therefore we need a variety of skill sets, experience and perspectives, which we get through our diverse workforce.

Zag invest in our people and culture to retain our expertise, IP and capability, and upskill our talent to ensure they can confidently deliver customer value. We pride ourselves on keeping our people happy, engaged and up-to-speed, which explains our consistent 90-95% retention rate.

We are actively building a culture of empowerment and have many initiatives for fostering diversity, inclusion and the feeling of family. These include;

  • Buddy programmes for new starters
  • Mentors for Grads
  • Events for new starters and their partners as it’s important to our leaders to know the partners that support our people
  • Knowledge sharing sessions such as ‘lunch and learns’
  • Custom consulting and leadership courses for training and development
  • External speakers for financial health, investment portfolios, KiwiSaver, mental health and stress management
  • Free counselling for our people and their family
  • Annual company conference in one fantastic location for the whole Zag Team
  • Rewards for service anniversaries and job referrals
  • Personal development plans reviewed quarterly
  • Annual company bonus
  • Events for celebrating our success, internal initiatives and customer projects
  • ‘Fly home Fridays’ to bring our teams together under one roof twice a year
  • Employee Share Scheme that is open to all employees
  • Holistic health and wellness programmes and fun competitions
  • Wellness rooms for prayer, breastfeeding and meditation
  • Cultural celebrations such as international food festival lunches
  • Early finish Friday’s with drinks and nibbles
  • Flexible work policy to accommodate personal and family commitments
  • Internal awards for recognising people who exemplify our values
  • Open plan office and hotdesking, including all leaders and execs.


At Zag, we’re big on internal recruitment and promotions. We often advertise a position internally before deciding to go external, to ensure we’re providing all th opportunities we can to progress our people. With over 20 positions currently available (which is big for a company of 200!), that’s quite a few opportunities. To support our growth mode, we opened six new leadership roles within Exec and Management last year alone.

These stories of internal progression are really important to us. Our CEO started here as an Enterprise Architect 16 years ago. Our Chief Customer Officer started out as our IT Administrator 16 years ago. When our IT administrator, after doing a placement in the AWS team, became our ICT Manager (a newly created position) late last year, there were cheers and claps from the entire office when the announcement email went out. We believe in our people and these success stories are fundamental to our culture and spirit.

Zag use an interactive platform called Officevibe to enable frequent communication between staff and leaders, anonymized conversation and ease of opportunity to give feedback and ideas. It enables us to be reactive and fast at implementing suggestions for improvements and new initiatives deemed valuable by our people. We measure employee satisfaction in a Net Promoter Score via rolling Officevibe surveys. Our leadership team personally review and respond to hundreds of comments and suggestions and are incredibly receptive to responses.

Zag is 100% owned by its employees. We believe that years of investment into our culture, hiring for fit and supporting our people comes through in every customer project we deliver.

Going for this award is about honouring our team of consultants and the countless times they have gone above and beyond for our business and customers. Our ICT team are different in how far they go about delivery, how much of themselves they invest in projects and the fact that they never miss the mark – that’s why we’re Zag, we let others zig.

*Since posting this blog, Zag has been announced as the winner of the Best ICT Team Culture award.