20 Years contributing to one company is a massive feat and it’s one that five of Zag’s finest have achieved in the last few years.  

At Zag we’re big on celebrating service anniversaries, particularly those of out our long-serving employees. They have played such a significant role in growing this company from humble New Zealand beginnings to one that has a global reach.  

Zag’s long service staff have shaped our culture into what it is today – and that’s what’s made the rest of our success possible.  


Here’s what four of our long service employees – Suneel, John, Willie and Craig – have to say about working for Zag over the last 20+ years. 


20 Years at Zag – Their story



Please note the following blog copy consists of testimonial quotes from the video aboveFeel free to watch the video or read the script below – whichever suits you the most. 


Suneel Bhonsule, Architect for Zag, says “When I came to New Zealand back in 1998, it was very much for a short time, we thought we would stay here for a couple of years. We didn’t know that it would become our home and that Zag would become part of our family.” 

Zag has a number of employees who have moved from overseas to work here. If you would like to see what they have to say too, click here 

All the different types of projects, people and the experiences have really shaped me into the employee and the person that I am today and I’m really thankful to each and every colleague.” 

Willie Watson, also a technical Architect for Zag says “I’ve stayed at Zag for 21 years because Zag continually challenges me with new technologies and every new customer feels like a new job. It doesn’t actually feel like I’ve been in the same job for 21 years.  

Willie’s highlights include; “The activities, the togetherness of the employees, the conferences, Friday night drinks and quiz where we all get together. 

Do I have more years in me here? I think I do as long as Zag continues to challenge me and push the boundaries of my knowledge, I’ll be here for another 40 years, he concludes. 

John GrovesSenior Consultant says “Throughout my career, I’ve always tried to maintain the work-life balance. If I had concerns, for example, doing extra hours when I first started, the bosses said: Nah, don’t do that, make it the exception and not the norm. They really supported that, and I think it’s still a fantastic value within this organisation now. 

When the bosses say they want to keep the culture, they mean it and they stand by it, and it comes through with everything we do,” he exclaims. 

While I don’t own it, it’s my company, I love working here, I love working with the people.” 

John may not own the company, but actually, almost 25% of our employees do! Zag is 100% owned by its staff. 


Craig Bennett, Product Development Manager for Zag, explains “We obviously deal with a lot of pressure situations with our customers and if you’re surrounded by people you can trust, that are open and honest with you, then that makes coming to work a lot easier. 

At Zag, we’re big on living our values – we trust each other, we care about each other, we are passionate about what we do and we get it done to the highest standard. 

“We haven’t succumbed to a real corporate culture. Although we need systems and processes in order to manage our day to day businesswe’re still very much that agile and friendly working environment.” 

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