CassioKnew is a source-code plagiarism detection service that enables developers and companies to build license-infringement free software. CassioKnew uses a unique, sophisticated source-code analysis that goes deeper than simple dependency detection to provide security for creators and users of source code.

ZagLabs Ltd (a subsidiary of Zag) today announced CassioKnew, a cloud-based service that performs source-code analysis to identify potential plagiarism on GitHub Pull Requests to ensure licensed source-code doesn’t get unknowingly introduced to a company’s source code-base. Typically, checking for license infringements in source code involves a heavyweight on-boarding process, as it requires the engagement with many teams such as:

  • the legal team to validate various usage restrictions
  • the commercial team to ensure that your companies can sell the product given its underlying software licenses 
  • the architecture team to ensure all the relevant license requirements are adhered to 


Most solutions available only check for explicit dependencies via dependency management tools. However this only addresses the problem partially as license infringement can also happen when portions/snippets of a licensed source code are plagiarised. The latter unfortunately goes unnoticed by those tools and that is why we have seen an ever-growing number of legal disputes over source code-related Intellectual Property.


While intentional plagiarism is already hard to combat, unintentional issues can easily be introduced. For instance, when a developer looks for a solution to a problem that they are facing, it’s only natural that they take some code snippets from programming-related forums. Unfortunately since developers cannot reliably validate the Intellectual Property within each code-snippet, it is easy to unwittingly infringe licenses.  In addition hidden dangers can be introduced to companies’ code base such as known code vulnerabilities. This is why, more than ever, knowing the complete providence of source code is essential.


By using CassioKnew, developers have control over aspects of the plagiarism detection such as which licenses they care about, bare-minimum similarity threshold, which files/folders they want analysis to be performed on and more. This allows developers to seamlessly integrate CassioKnew with their development pipeline to produce better and safer source code. CassioKnew is designed to become part of developers’ everyday routine, just like automated test and continuous integration.


Alternatively, if you would like to speak with one of the CassioKnew team directly, get in touch by emailing