Digital transformation is essential for companies that want to succeed in today’s fast-paced and competitive environment. To drive home the importance of going digital, we have written many blogs around Digital Transformation trends. But, what are some real-world outcomes?

In this blog, we highlight a real use case and demonstrate how businesses can take advantage of Digital Transformation to improve business operations.

Establishing a digital foundation

Ballance Agri-Nutrients is a New Zealand farmer-owned co-operative that helps customers farm more productively, profitably and sustainably. Its core business of fertiliser manufacturing, supply, sales and advice has grown to offer farmers a full range of science-backed nutrient products and services. The agri-nutrient advice, complemented by web-based farm systems software, enables farmers to capture and analyse data to make the best management decisions.

The forward-thinking co-op moved to SAP’s S/4HANA, the next-generation business suite, for their digital core in 2016 to prepare themselves (and their customers) for the digital revolution. By creating this foundation for the digital future of their business, Ballance is better-equipped to help customers enhance their productivity and profitability.  

According to David Scullin, CIO, Ballance Agri-Nutrients, the solution helps the co-op to connect their employees, suppliers, customers and networks to its digital core. It’s enabled the creation of solutions that are mobile, intuitive, robust and valuable so customers can be more autonomous and productive. Interaction with Ballance has also been made easier.

Ballance’s sales team’s productivity has increased and the solution has simplified financial reports. The numbers are impressive-sales reporting has been reduced from two hours to 20 minutes, while key business processes are 75% faster. The delivery of real-time insight on a year’s worth of data takes less than a second in some cases.

Read the full Ballance S/4HANA case study


The next wave of innovation

With this digital foundation in place, Ballance turned its attention to driving efficiencies and a better customer experience in all areas of its business.

For instance, their service centres wanted to create a more efficient and safer fertiliser collection process for Spreaders, employed by farmers. The old process required that Spreaders collect and transport tonnes of fertiliser from service centres around the country. This involved large quantities of paperwork and many checks by staff. Also, the busy sites became hazardous for spreaders and loader drivers alike. This opportunity to implement a mobility solution presented itself, so Ballance appointed their trusted Partner Soltius to develop an app on the Neptune Software platform to automate the entire ordering process, which has been a resounding success. Because of the software’s intuitiveness, staff installed and started using the app without training!  

The app has transformed ordering and collection into a quicker, simpler, safer and more cost-effective process for everyone. While the app meets all of Ballance’s current requirements, it also provides flexibility to accommodate for the company’s fast-changing digital needs.  

Watch our 3-minute video case study

As your business grows, legacy systems will begin to buckle under increasing demands and pressure. By employing the expertise of a software solutions provider like Soltius, you can prepare your business for success, keeping customers, staff and investors happy.

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