Equip your business with the right tools for successful digital transformation.

While customer experience is driving change, there is no doubt that technology is the enabler of this change – especially if the right solutions are adopted.

By choosing the solution most appropriate to your business needs, more time can be spent on responding quickly to rapidly changing market conditions.

In this blog, we focus on the key technology solutions that New Zealand’s businesses should be leveraging especially if they’re serious about maximising growth opportunities and surviving in tomorrow’s increasingly competitive business environment.

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Different approaches to cloud

In our previous blog, we discussed how cloud offers modern businesses a better way to manage IT costs and spending, greater speed of processing and speed to market, and the ability to flexibly scale up and down based on business needs.

In recognition of varying business needs, several cloud models and deployment strategies have emerged. Each solution provides different levels of control, flexibility, and management.

Depending on your specific business model, your approach to cloud can take different paths. Whatever your choice, some level of cloud is beneficial to every business – not only from a cost perspective, but also from an agility and efficiency standpoint.

Choosing the right cloud option can be daunting. But, by working alongside an experienced partner, you will quickly work out which areas of your business will benefit from cloud and you will make a more informed decision when it comes to choosing the right solution.

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Defining a modern ERP system

Modern enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems of the past, as reliable and dependable as they were, are now due for an update.

The main debate is whether a ‘best of breed’, or ‘single integrated’ solution is best for your business needs.

Choosing the right path for your business will rely on a number of factors, namely defining your organisation’s competitive advantage, main business functions and cloud technology philosophy.

Digital commerce connecting you to the world

At the end of the day, digital transformation is about the customer and exceeding digital expectations.  

If ERP and the cloud are the backbone of organisational efficiency and agility, then a digital commerce solution is the ‘front’ that connects your organisation to the world.

When selecting a commerce platform, it must deliver on the brand promise, delight prospective customers, and simplify the interaction process.  Their experience should be streamlined from order to delivery, and even beyond that.

Catering for the modern workforce

Digital transformation is also about improving processes for your workforce because engaged, empowered employees stay longer and are more productive.

This is where modern, self-service software for HR practices are helpful as it replaces manual and time consuming HR practices. By automating some of the fundamental processes, staff can expect to receive information that is more insightful and accurate.

Digital transformation is all about making things better, faster and more efficient. To do this successfully, adopting these new processes and ways of thinking is essential to businesses if they want to prosper in today’s rapidly evolving market.


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