Zag Airlift

Your Next Generation Cloud Migration Service

To leverage the true benefits of cloud, think 'Lift & Transform' instead of 'Lift & Shift'

For many customers with a host of on-premise systems, the thought of migrating to the cloud can seem a little overwhelming. The migration of business-critical systems is not something to be taken lightly. But what if there was a tried and tested, pain-free cloud migration service that left you with a new perspective on your IT landscape?

Introducing Zag AirLift.

Instead of simply ‘lifting and shifting’ everything you do on-premise to the cloud, why not take the opportunity to transform the way you operate. AirLift is our ‘Lift and Transform’ cloud migration service that focuses on the adoption of cloud technology and services, over the  simple ‘moving’ of virtual machines.

Customer benefits?

Migrations completed correctly, with low risk and the delivery of a quality cloud environment.

What problem does it solve?

‘Lift and shift’ migrations leading to poor customer outcomes and failed cloud adoptions.

What value is derived?

Migration of services completed correctly and with low risk to customer operations. Transformation of services to a cloud-centric model during the migration process.

What you’ll receive:

  • A pain free cloud migration
  • Deployment of management tools and operational automation.


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